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Race Reports for Fly By Night Duathlon 2015

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  • Organised?Yes
  • Events on time?Yes

  • Lots of volunteers to help?Yes
  • Plenty of drink stations?Yes

  • Post race activities? Average
  • Overall course based on my ability: Just right

  • Comments: I couldn't be happier with how I paced this race. Not only were the splits negative (except the 1st run, which was only a bit faster) but if I compare my percentile ranking among all women, it tells quite a story: For the three run segments, it went from 7th percentile to 19th to 30th; for the bike segments it went from 19th to 35th percentile. Even for transitions, it went from 32nd percentile to 44th to 56th to 51st. For a race in which 75% of the women were under 50, I think that's very satisfactory overall. Only Barb M & I were over 60, and I beat her for the first time of 3 attempts. She's a world-class competitor in the 70+ AG, but she seemed to have just had a bad race day. Except for the helmet on backwards I had as good a race as I could have had on this day, given my training to date.
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