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Race Reports for Ironman Los Cabos 2016

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  • Organised?No
  • Events on time?Yes

  • Lots of volunteers to help?Yes
  • Plenty of drink stations?Yes

  • Post race activities? Average
  • Overall course based on my ability: Just right

  • Comments: So-so end-of-the-season race. If you are looking for a destination race with warm weather and a good atmosphere, I would choose Cozumel over Los Cabos. However, if you are comfortable racing in the heat, and are in the 10:00-10:30 IM range, KQ is achievable. 40 spots went to 345 participants.However, due to DNF & DNS, only 269 people crossed the finish line. 40/269 = 14.87% - These are pretty good odds to get to Kona....much better than any other NA race.
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