VIDEO REVIEW: Louis Garneau Tri Air Triathlon Shoe

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A product review of the Louis Garneau Tri Air Triathlon Shoe. After nearly two years of testing, see how this shoe performed. Currently being replaced by the Tri Air 2.

By Dominic Lazzaretto


The Product

Louis Garneau Tri Air Triathlon Shoe
-Currently being replaced by the Tri Air 2


The Maker

Louis Garneau

The Price


The Rating


The Skinny

Highly Recommended. A very good entry level tri shoe. Could be more attractive in different colors.







Not as light as carbon shoes, but lighter than most entry level road shoes.



A little flexy for a heavier/stronger rider, but most won’t notice any flex.

Comfort  Super comfy. Lots of ventilation, good arch support, dual inserts keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter.



After almost 2 years, this shoe shows no signs of failure; great craftsmanship.

Cosmo Factor*


A nice, sleek look that includes some flames on the heel, but silver/black is a bit too ubiquitous, isn’t it?


  Great beginner/intermediate level shoe. Super durable, won’t break the bank.


Random Thoughts That My Only Interest Me

  • The Tri Air is currently being replaced by the Tri Air 2, which looks largely the same except for some modifications to the venting patterns on the upper, which make it look better and should provide more air flow. The MSRP for the Tri Air 2 is $120.

  • You may want to order a size larger than the website tell you to. They run a bit small.

Technical Data

  • Synthetic leather and nylon mesh upper

  • Rigid plastic (high density nylon?) sole

  • Thermoplastic molded toe

  • Large rear loop to help pull shoe on quickly

  • Single velcro strap opens away from cranks

  • Ergo Air ventilation system

  • Two inner soles for different weather conditions

  • Compatible with SPD, SPD-R, Look and Time Mid adapters (Tri Air 2 specifically says it’s Speedplay compatible; not sure why these wouldn’t fit Speedplays, as they have a 3 bolt pattern)

  • European sizing (36-48)

A Note on the Author: Dominic Lazzaretto has completed a few dozen triathlons (kind of near the front of the age grouper pack) and has competed in countless road running races, mountain bike races, and road cycling events. He is one of the official gear reviewers for


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date: February 5, 2008