VIDEO: Going Faster on the Bike - Aerodynamic Concepts in Bicycle Fit and Wheels

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The bike fitters at Fit Werx talk about all the components of a triathlon bike fit and how it relates to aerodynamics and the individual.

Presented by with locations in Massachusetts and Vermont.

This seminar is a condensed version of the one that was presented at the Multisport World Expo in Cambridge, Massachusetts in 2008. 

The first presenter, Dean Philips - lead fitter of the Peabody, MA Fit Werx, will cover the following concepts on bike aerodynamics:

  • Relating drag to watts and then relating watts into time savings. 
  • A list of items that you can do to save you the least to the most watts (time) is presented including time savings of aero frames, aero wheels, aero helmets to tight fitting clothing.
  • The key benefits to a proper bike fit.

In the last half of this video, Ian Buchanan, cofounder of Fit Werx, speaks about bike fitting and the important concepts to consider for each rider including:

  • The goal of a fitting
  • Thoughts on building a bike position
  • How a persons size and length relates to a fitted bike
  • Individual biomechanics and limitations
  • Core stability relationships
  • The importance of your bike shoe
  • Ankle to hip measurements
  • Hip to back relationships
  • Torso to humerus angle and aerobar consideration
  • Rider asymmetries and dealing with them
  • Aerodynamics as it relates to power and comfort

Finally a brief questions and answer from the audience is presented with discussions on

  • "How do you define crank length?"
  • "Considerations for women in a bike fit?"
  • "How important is bike weight?"
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