Musselman 2007 Full Race Video, Race Reports and Pictures

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See the Musselman, Mini-Mussel, the ITU Race and the Mussel Kids race video feeds, race reports and pictures.

See the above video preview of all races.

Here are some of my favorite pictures of the race, there are about 500 more HERE

This ITU footage was very cool, a pro-field of about 75 men and women.  2 loop swim, 6 loop bike and 6 loop run, the ultimate spectator-triathlon.  They are fast...nothing is left out on the course.  Be sure to watch the ITU video footage, there are some great shots of the T2 dismounts.




Here are some BT'ers that I was able to catch. 

tnt2tri's finish:

tbatt out of the water for the aquabike:

rstocks3' 2nd place AG podium finish, 7th (or 8th overall)

marmadaddy and rkrueser:

Sweetk at the aid station:

Water anyone?

I want to thank Marmadaddy for putting me up at his place for the entire weekend.  He also organized the mini-Mussel aid station and the ITU aid station.  MANY THANKS to all of the BT volunteers that were able to help.

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