VIDEO: The BT Men's Leg Shaving Shootout

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Men! Need to find out the best way to shave your legs? This video will compare 6 different leg shaving products to show male triathletes how to shave their legs.

When it starts to get warm, triathletes hit the road again with their bikes. Many men will begin their leg shaving routine after a winter hiatus.  Still several men will hesitantly inquire about how to shave their legs for cycling.


This video should arm the male triathlete with all of the information on how to shave your legs.


In this men's leg shaving video, we compare the following 6 products to determine what gives the closest men's leg shave and also which one lasts the longest.


The following men's leg shaving products evaluated are:


Name Type Cost
Veet RaseraDepilatory$8.99
Schick Intuition w/ 1 refill 3-Blade
Surrounded by a conditioning solid
Gillette Venus Vibrance 3-Blade
Panasonic Close Curves

Electric Wet/Dry

Sally Hansen Wax Strip Kit Wax Strips$8.89


What is a depilatory? 

From the Nair website: "Depilatories contain ingredients that work by breaking the bonds of hair. The bonds give hair strength and structure, so when you break these bonds, the hair can easily be wiped away and removed."


Both the Veet and the Nair areas were smooth for the next week, with no redness or irritation from either. The area shaved with the Panasonic, had noticeable stubble in 24 hours. I'm as much of a gadget freak as the next guy, but this just didn't impress me. The Schick and Gillette razors had stubble that needed to be shaved off in 3 days - a not unreasonable amount of time. I have since used the Schick Intuition for spot shaving in the shower and I find it's very good for this. For a full leg shaving, I'm still not convinced though. No hair grew in the waxed area during the following week, or at least where the wax had actually removed hair. The skin remained smooth. It was also a bit red and irritated as was my psyche. 

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date: May 5, 2008