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It is of the utmost importance to wear some sort of personal identification along with you during training. We review RoadID and eSportID to compare what's good and bad about them.

By Ontherun

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Don't leave home without it.  That is a catch-phrase for something I can't quite remember, but it is definitely applicable to triathletes and personal identification.  The biggest danger to personal health is riding on the road.  Besided accidents, even medical problems arise during your swim, bike and run training.  It is of the utmost importance to wear some sort of personal identification along with any important health issues or allergic reactions just in case something happens to you while training. 

Up until now, most wearable personal identification devices have been of the 'static' kind - that is your name, phone number and other limited information is printed on a dog-tag, bracelet or ankle-band.  This year we are comparing two new products that have added a digital 'flavor' to the standard ID.

This review is not a review where we are trying to proclaim 'King' to one of these products.  Instead we will try to disseminate the differences among the products and leave it up to the user to choose which product is appropriate for them given their unique circumstances.


Summary: A USB device wristband allowing all of your health and safety information to be stored on it.

Price: $39.95


  • You control your information through your own computer via a Emergency Information template in WORD format.
  • No subsequent cost after initial purchase.
  • First responders can plug this into a computer to access all relevant medical information.


  • Should not be worn in water situations (swimming).
  • No basic personal identifiable information on the wristband itself.  The first responders will need to plug this into a computer to access any information about you.

RoadID Interactive

Summary: An engraved bracelet with limited health/bio information but with an online accessible and updatable Emergency Response Profile.

Price: $19.99 (Wrist Version


  • Basic information contained on 2-3 lines of text on the bracelet.
  • Fully waterproof (no electronic parts).
  • First Responders call in via the instructions on the bracelet to get more detailed health info through the phone or online.


  • After 1 year, there is an extra annual $9.99 fee for continued online or phone support for medical emergencies.
  • All of your personal health data is on another website in contrast to eSportID.
  • You will have to order a $16.99 replacement tag if you want to change any of the engraved information (phone number/address).

Ontherun is a father of two and loving husband who competes in triathlons in the Clydesdale- 35-40 AG category. He has been racing with the Beginner Triathlete community since 2004. He has numerous sprint and Olympic races completed. In endurance sports, he is currently most proud of his finishes in the 2007 Mooseman 1/2 Iron distance triathlon and the 2006 Baystate Marathon. As a solid middle to back of the pack finisher, racing is a lifestyle choice and a true passion. You may contact him at [email protected]
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date: June 4, 2008