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This is a 'first impressions' review of the Fit2Race Sockeye Fullsuit. From a first wetsuit point-of-view, I was able to dramatically improve my pace over non-wetsuit swims.

Fit2Race is a relatively new company to the wetsuit scene, with the website stating that the company was started in 2006.  I only heard about the company a few months ago, but decided to give them a shot as they had the ability to custom logo the wetsuit.

The Product

Sockeye Full


The Maker


The Price

$300.00 MSRP

The Rating


The Skinny

So far, it improved my open water swim time and kept my breathing controlled upon entering the cold water.




Ease to put on

  In reading and seeing others put a suit on, I was initially scared and was ready for a fight.  It went on fairly easy though.
Comfort  Snug...very snug.  Though it is supposed to be that snug from the instructions.  My shoulders got a little tired during the swim.  They could have been tired from the prior weeks race or I needed to pull more suit up to the shoulders for less restriction.  It takes a little more work to breath in too.  This 'could' be a general trait for most fullsuits.
Buoyancy   Awesome.  It was a great benefit.  All I had to do was move my arms. Again, a trait that most wetsuits would have.

Ease to take off

  With BodyGlide, no problems whatsoever.

Cosmo Factor*


Looks kinda cool. No issues with the looks.


  Needs a lot more testing for durability but the bottom line is that it improved my open water swim time by 42 seconds per 100 yards in very cold water in back-to-back cold-water test races (vs no wetsuit) - even with some slight breathing discomfort and shoulder fatigue.  I am a very mediocre swimmer though...keep that in mind! 

*At this time, I can't comment on the durability or customer service.
**'Comfort' is very subjective and is only based upon this one experience.  Being my first wetsuit, I'm not sure if this can be improved upon with this wetsuit or any other.
***I showed less improvement when compared to warmer-water non-wetsuit swims in the past years, though still improved with the wetsuit.

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date: July 7, 2008