VIDEO REVIEW: Halo Swim Trainer

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We review the Halo Swim Trainer and how it can help the 'high elbow catch' part of your swim stroke along with your swimming tempo.

By Coach AJ
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Coach AJ reviews the Halo Swim Trainer.  The basic premise of this trainer is to focus on the 'high elbow catch' part of your stroke along with race-pace tempo with the use of a metronome.

Improving your high elbow catch with the Halo Swim Trainer is accomplished by using a template.  If you do the drill incorrectly, you bend the template with your arms allowing instant feedback on this part of your stroke.

The Halo Swim Trainer is not a replacement for actual swimming, you still have to do that yourself!  But this trainer will allow you to focus on certain elements of your stroke for possible improvement.

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date: January 3, 2009