Winter Wear: Part 1 - Your Legs

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Coach AJ discusses the essential clothing used to keep your legs and feet warm while cycling or running in the cold weather.

By Coach AJ
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This is Part 1 of 3 on winter clothing.  In this first part we will cover the basics of leg winter-wear.



The Balm is from Burt's Bees and it's called Farmer's Friend. Another company that carries a similar product is Badger Balm.


Warming Lotion
The warming lotion is from the German company Sixtus. The only place in the US that I know of that carries it is Excel Sports in Boulder. They do mail order.


The socks are from DeFeet and are called the Wooleator. SockGuy makes these as well. The compression socks I use are from RaceSox.

Leg Warmers

The leg and knee warmers are from Descente, and are called the Cold Out Warmers. Just about every manufacturer out there has some form of knee/leg warmer. The fleece lined bib shorts are also from Descente and are also called the Cold Out Bib Short.


Bib Tights
The bib tight is from Specialized and is called the Body Geometry Therminal Bib Tight. Again, almost everyone has these available.


Running Tights
The running tights are from SKINS and are called the long tight.

The loose fit tights are from Saucony and are called the Boston Pant. Of course everyone from Nike to Reebok to Asics has this type of pant.

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date: February 4, 2009