Exclusive 2004 Audio Interview with Wendy Ingraham

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An interview on training, influences and the passion of triathlon.

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I was able to get a live interview with Wendy Ingraham for BT – an exceptional female Iron(wo)man triathlete.
Wendy has placed in the top 10 in Hawaii 9 of 13 years.  She was the first American female to finish at the 1997 Hawaii Ironman where she broke a 13-year old course record for women in the swim leg.  One year later, she shattered her own swim record again by over a minute.  Competing in 33 Ironmans as a professional, Wendy, aka ‘Wingut’ has finished in the top 10 of 29 Ironmans around the world.  With multiple international wins at Ironman distance, she has now become one of the all-time leaders in Ironman competitions.  You can now find Wendy working at TYR, her sponsor, and she's still racing.
Wendy swam for MSU in the 100, 200, 500 and 1600 freestyles, as well as the 100 and 200 individual medleys. She made All-American in 1985, winning a Big Ten title and making the NCAAs.   After MSU, to win a bet with her father, she entered a local triathlon event and did well.
 Here is a run-down of some of her past accomplishments:
 4th place, Ironman Triathlon World Championships, (IMH '97) 9:51:31
 5th place, Laguna Phuket Triathlon, '97, 2:57:01
 10th Place, Shu's International Tri, St. Joseph, MI '97, 2:09:59
 10th Place, Mrs. T's Triathlon, Chicago '97, 2:06:32
 2nd place, Sports Plus Ironman Australia '97, 9:25:50
 7th Place, Bliss/Timex International Triathlon, Santos, Brazil '97. 2:06:50
 4th Place, Ironman Triathlon Championship, HI '96, 9:22:12
 2nd Place, Australian Ironman, '96, 9:27:01
 Winner, Ironman Australia '95
 2nd Place, Fiji International '95
 5th Place, Hawaii Ironman '95
 Winner, Fiji International '94
 Winner, Tahiti Triathlon '94
 2nd Place, Japan Ironman '94
 4th Place, Hawaii Ironman '94


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date: October 3, 2004


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