Training Indoors: Watch for Overuse Injury

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Although it may seem that training indoors is danger-free, especially as we are being asked to stay home and remain six feet away from others, it's not totally carefree.

Training on a stationary bike and a treadmill can actually exacerbate certain bad habits and poor form, and can result in overuse injuries and strains.

In addition, if you are currently having to forego swimming and/or strength training, you also need to be on guard because those workouts help keep you balanced.

Here are a few quick things to watch out for.

Indoor Cycling Tips

Check your cleats carefully for movement or asymmetry in cleat placement between your two shoes. When riding outside, you may stand on the pedals, shift in the seat, and turn corners. On a stationary trainer, you are in the same position all the time (unless you have a trainer that shifts with turns). 

That means your knees are at exactly the same angle with each pedal stroke. If that's the wrong angle, you're going to have issues after a few dozen rides.

Take the time to unclip your shoes and look at them. Also have someone take some video of you while pedaling and make sure your knees aren't sticking out and that you are symmetrical. 

Treadmill Tips

Running outdoors is still possible in many places around the world, but in crowded cities or in places where it's simply not safe or practical, you may find yourself on the treadmill a lot.

For some people, treadmill workouts used to happen at the gym, and the cheap treadmill in the basement was only for emergencies or a quick warmup before a strength or core workout. Now that crummy treadmill is the only thing they have.

Keep in mind, unlike running outdoor, you are running in a single plane of motion at a single incline, taking the same strides over and over in the same way.

This can be a great opportunity to have someone take video of you, or to set up a camera or phone by yourself, and take a good look at your gait.

It can also be a time when you can develop injuries from repeating bad habits. If something hurts, examine your posture, stride and foot strike. Make a small adjustment at the time and see if you get any relief in the next minute or two. Make incremental adjustments, take video, and see what improvements you can make to avoid stress injuries.

Remember, as much as we all don't want to be stuck indoors, we also desperately don't want to need hospital care for a sports injury at this time. Be safe and train smart.


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date: March 31, 2020


Owner at Beginner Triathlete, web marketing consultant at SiteInSight, writer, entrepreneur, advocate for unstructured nature play for kids.


Owner at Beginner Triathlete, web marketing consultant at SiteInSight, writer, entrepreneur, advocate for unstructured nature play for kids.

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