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New athlete injury Q&A with the American Medical Society for Sports Medicine.

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It’s inevitable. You sign up for your first tri. You start training. Workouts are going great and then BAM – something in your knee gives, you feel a twitch in your arm or you get a bad case of shin splints. Maybe you’re working out like Lance but haven’t lost a pound and are wondering what gives. You ask your friends what to do. They throw out medical gems like, “Put some ice on it!” or “Just eat less, you’ll be fine.” But you want something more. Something with expertise behind it. Something comprehensive. Well look no further. Today, is proud to introduce our new column, “Ask a B.T. Sports Doc.”

Starting today and each month, the AMSSM will provide the following for our partnership:


  1. The AMSSM will provide monthly articles to the ENTIRE community on injury related topics.
  2. Performance Members will be able to ask personal training questions to a panel of medical experts from the American Medical Society of Sports Medicine. The experts are all M.D.’s or D.O’s who specialize in medical care for athletes. AMSSM members have worked for many triathlon events including the Ironman in Kona. These physicians will respond to your questions personally.

This is a rare chance to ask experts about your training, injuries, prevention techniques and a myriad of other issues that has to do with your health and wellness as a triathlete. In addition, members of the AMSSM will offer short articles on training related topics to help those of you who remain the strong silent type. These articles will be available to entire community to view. E-mail [email protected] with article suggestions.

So stop asking Joe Blow about that nagging pain in the back of your neck. Instead, “Ask a B.T. Sports Doc.”

- Ovetta Sampson, Managing Content Editor,

How It Works: (revised 1/31/05)


You may post your questions to in the Performance Members Q&A forum. Just navigate to the AMSSM thread and reply to it with your question. In order to ensure accurate and extensive responses, there will only be 3-questions answered each month in the order taken. A panel of three AMSSM members will answer your questions by the 14th of the next month. You will not be able to contact physicians directly. If you do not get to post a question on one month, submit it the next month.




Please read carefully the terms, use and conditions at the end of this article of “Ask a B.T. Sports Doc,” before participating in this feature.

It’s just that easy. Don’t waste this rare opportunity to get someone who really knows what’s going on to help you. Sign up by becoming a Performance Member to participate in "Ask a B.T. Sports Doc" today!






With that, here is a word from our new partner:


Greetings, from the American Medical Society for Sports Medicine! - We’re excited to help and its members with your training and sports medicine issues.

First, a little bit about us:

Who We Are

The AMSSM is an international group of more than 800 sports medicine physicians. We were founded in 1991 by a group of physicians who recognized the need for a group within the field of sports medicine that caters comprehensively to the needs of athletic teams, athletes and even individuals who exercise on a regular basis. We work with athletes of all ages and expertise. We are a personal pit team, on the sidelines helping in team and individual training as well as seeing patients in our private and academic settings. In addition, many of us are involved in clinical research that seeks to advance healing techniques for the professional to ordinary athlete. Our members are either M.D.’s or D.O’s with specialty training in family practice, internal medicine, emergency medicine, pediatrics or physical or rehabilitation.

Pragmatism is Our Goal

The AMSSM seeks to take textbook sports medicine know-how and how it’s used in a clinical setting and make it user-friendly for real athletes. We want to help athletes like you, use the vast knowledge and research we’ve accumulated, to perform and heal better.

We’re Doctors Who Know Triathletes

Our members maintain clinical practices in addition to team training, working with professional athletes and events. Many of our members have worked at multi-sporting events including the Ironman in Kona.

Health And Wellness Are Key
Our mission is to:

  • Promote lifelong fitness and wellness.

  • Encourage prevention of illness and injury.

  • Help patients maximize the time they can participate in sports and minimize their time on the sidelines with an injury.

Research Is A Bonus

Many of the AMSSM members are involved in research allowing our group to be on the cutting-edge of some of the newest and most advance healing techniques in sports medicine today. Some of our physicians have completed one to two years of fellowship training giving them expansive knowledge in musculoskeletal, neurological, biomechanics and nutritional issues in sports medicine.

We Are Not…

Orthopedic surgeons. We specialize in non-operative treatment of sports conditions as opposed to orthopedic surgeons who focus in operative management. With 90 percent of all sports injuries in the active population as being non-surgical, we’re uniquely fitted to help the beginner as well as advanced triathlete.

As a new partner with, AMSSM members will answer your sports medicine-related questions once a month as well as provide sports medicine articles catering to the triathlete.

We look forward to this partnership with and its members and welcome any input on how we can work together to meet your exercise goals.


Katherine L. Dec, MD
AMSSM Board Member
Chair, PR Committee





Ask a B.T. Sports Doc user Agreement:



“Ask a B.T. Sports Doc,” (The Column) is a joint venture between and the American Medical Society for Sports Medicine. All content, graphics, text, images and other material contained in The Column are for informational purposes only. The Column is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health professional with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition. Never substitute information contained in The Column, for professional medical advice. Depending upon information found in the “Ask A B.T. Sports Doc,” column is solely at your own risk.

Neither or the American Medical Society for Sports Medicine assume any liability for treatments, plans or losses related to the use of information found in “Ask A B.T. Sports Doc,” (The Column). By using “Ask A Sports Doc,” you agree to indemnify and hold, its licensors, suppliers or any third parties mentioned in The Column, their directors, advisors, staff, employees, internet service providers, web hosts, partners and any other individuals or organizations affiliated, harmless against any damages, liabilities, losses or any other adverse outcomes associated with the use of “Ask A B.T. Sports Doc.”

Personal Information
The personal information you submit to “Ask A B.T. Sports Doc,” is governed by the privacy policy. To an extent that there is inconsistency between this Agreement and the privacy policy, this Agreement will govern.

You agree that you will not upload or transmit any communications of any type from The Question and Answer Forums to the Public Areas of including the forums, which may infringe or violate any rights of any party. By submitting content or communications to the Public Areas, you agree that such submission is non-confidential for all purposes.





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The American Medical Society for Sports Medicine (AMSSM) was formed in 1991 to fill a void that has existed in sports medicine from its earliest beginnings. The founders most recognized and expert sports medicine specialists realized that while there are several physician organizations which support sports medicine, there has not been a forum specific for primary care non-surgical sports medicine physicians.



The American Medical Society for Sports Medicine (AMSSM) was formed in 1991 to fill a void that has existed in sports medicine from its earliest beginnings. The founders most recognized and expert sports medicine specialists realized that while there are several physician organizations which support sports medicine, there has not been a forum specific for primary care non-surgical sports medicine physicians.


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