Free Triathlon Training Programs and Plans

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Triathlon traning programs and plans from sprints and olympics to 1/2 and full Ironmans

What's your need? We have a few plans here. I hope you have read the 'Choosing a Plan' article, if not to just get you thinking about your goals. Goals are what is going to get you off the couch and out the door. It also will help if you just sign up for your first event - don't just talk about it!


These following plans have 'Printer Friendly' screens. No reason not to print one out today and get started! Links will take you to the plan descriptions and details. Many distances will have several different plans to choose from depending on the athlete.


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Free Beginner Triathlete Plans


They are just that. Plan descriptions and a printer-friendly view to start your training today. The free plans below do not include specific workouts as beginners just need to focus on building endurance safely at slower pace. If you do the minutes, you will cross the finish line comfortably.


These are the plans that started the site and serve as the foundation.  I did my first triathlon with these plans-so did my mother at age 59!


Beginner Exercise Program

This monthly series is an excellent program for the overweight or those not comfortable with running as it starts out with two months of biking and strength training, followed by swimming then by running.  The end of the program will allow you to complete a sprint-level triathlon.  Start month one and follow along as the program progresses.


Month 1    Month 2    Month 3    Month 4    Month 5    Month 6    Month 7    Month 8


Have no endurance base? A newbie in the truest sense of the word? Have no fear, we promise that you will love running once you're done with these walk/run programs. Inside you will find two variations:

The 'Aggressive' 4 month and the 'Conservative' 7 month programs


We have new 10 and 20 week training plans for the New Year! These mini sprint plans are very conservative and will get any person thinking of training for a triathlon ready to cross the finish-line.

10 Week Mini Sprint and the 20 Week Mini-Sprint


You have your eyes on your first sprint, but with no endurance background, how do you start? The Couch-to-Sprint programs features several favorites. From Michael Pates Total Sprint for conservative building or stringing together the Couch-to-5k followed by some of our standard sprint programs, we promise to get you to race day...and across the finish line in 6 to 12 months!

Beginner Sprint

Includes our classic 'Original 13 Week Sprint.' We also have several 16 and 20 week programs to fit your schedule no matter if you have 6 times or 9 times per week to workout. Are you a little weak in one of the three sports? Many of these programs are 'focused' for additional time spent training on weak areas. A good place to start if you are familiar with exercise and all three sports.


We put together several of the above programs to get you from walking to finishing an International Distance Triathlon. Depending on your strengths and weaknesses, these programs can go from 10 to 17 months from walking to race day.

Beginner Olympic

Much like the Beginner Sprint programs, these Olympic programs have several variations to fit your weaknesses. Choose from between the 16 and 20 week run, bike or swim focused plans. The 2x program is a great beginner program allowing solid base building with minimal time investment.

Beginner 1/2 Ironman

This half Ironman plan covers many weeks of challenging, but attainable training for someone who has some endurance experience, and ideally some Olympic distance races within the past season. This plan is also ideal if you have completed a half Ironman last season on minimal training and wish to improve while keeping a reasonable number of training hours.

Beginner Full Ironman

This training plan is written to prepare you to finish your first Ironman. While it is just a beginner’s plan, the hours per week start at a significant 8 hours and quickly move up to 15-18. You should already be consistently training 8-10 hours per week before beginning and ideally you should have completed some Olympic distance races in the past season and a half Ironman race would be even better.


Access these plans on your mobile device!


Just go to on your phone and you will get the mobile version.  Access plans, log your training and more.




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