D3 Multisport and Beginner Triathlete.com Form Partnership

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D3 Multisport and BeginnerTriathlete.com have combined forces to bring high quality training programs to athletes of all abilities, especially new and beginner triathletes.

Akron, Ohio – October 30, 2005

D3 Multisport and BeginnerTriathlete.com have combined forces to bring high quality training programs to athletes of all abilities, especially new and beginner triathletes. Beginner Triathlete is providing the training log and system for athletes to log their data while D3 Multisport is providing programs for all distances and abilities. For as little as $65 for six months (limited time only), you can download a detailed program from BeginnerTriathlete.com into your on-line training journal and then access the member forum where the coaches from D3 Multisport, Inc. will be there to provide help and on-line training support. Here are some of the quotes from some of the athletes who utilized this service last season:

Using the 16-Week Olympic training plan, and the unique-to-me information provided by Mike on the Training Support Forum, I was able to improve my sprint triathlon time by over 15 minutes, improving my run alone by over 7 minutes. I moved from the back of the back, to the middle of the pack over 3 months. Without the training plan, and especially the support of Mike, I would have been far less effective in my training, and I do not think I would have seen such vast improvement. Having these resources available to me has made my first season of triathlon a very successful one. I will be doing my first Olympic distance race in April, and, with Mike's help, I plan on being competitive and finishing strong.” - Jean R

I just completed my second season of triathlon. I competed in two Olympic distance races and went from finishing 18 of 24 in my age group to finishing 8 of 24 in my age group. I also cut 25 minutes off my finishing time. What made the difference between my performance in these two races was the training plan created by and the online training support on BT.com from Mike Ricci. I had dramatic increases in my cycling fitness, my overall endurance and most importantly, in my overall confidence level. I felt great going into my second race-there was no question in my mind I was going to PR in a big way. The Oly race plan he gave me worked beautifully. I posted my fastest avg bike speed for any race including Sprints and had plenty left for the 10k. I continuously passed people during the second 5k.  Following Mike's training plan and advice enabled me to increase my overall fitness, hone my technique and end my season on a positive note. I'll definitely be utilizing his expertise next year.” - Mike M


If you are interested in a training program for 2006, be it an off-season program or a sprint distance up to an Ironman program, please read:


The Performance Triathlon Training Plan Continuum.
Different ways to use and combine performance member training plans for a complete, annual season.


See the features you receive with a Silver or Gold membership with respect to these new plans:


The B.T.com Performance Membership - A Higher Form of Service
Access to more articles, full log features, an entire training plan library and plan support - plus many additional perks.

About D3 Multisport
Mike Ricci’s D3 Multisport coaching services are based on his cornerstone philosophy: Desire, Determination, and Discipline. D3 Multisport provides multisport athletes and runners with a coaching service that is affordable, knowledgeable, and driven by the highest standards of customer service. D3 Multisport strives to be the leader in the multisport coaching field providing customized training programs to athletes of all abilities. D3 Multisport seeks to enhance the lives of our clients by improving their health, athletic performance and overall lifestyle. For more information, visit www.d3multisport.com.

About BeginnerTriathlete.com
Beginnertriathlete.com's philosophy is to make healthier people and to promote an active lifestyle throughout the world. Triathlon is that perfect lifestyle. In a fast-paced world where available personal time is short, stress runs high and lifestyle preventable diseases are on the rise, BeginnerTriathlete.com is transforming the unhealthy to the healthy, the couch-potatoes into athletes. With a large library of articles, a superb training log, a busy online forum, great members and several training plans, BeginnerTriathlete.com has all the necessary tools to provide people with the information and motivation to get out the door and begin training today.


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date: October 30, 2005