Training Plan Case Study: Post Injury-to-Oly Plan

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I'm in decent shape and have no weight to lose but have absolutely no tri experience, what’s the best plan of attack that won't put me back in the waiting room?

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I admit it - I knew better than everyone and decided in January that I was going to go from zero to two HIM's this year. The 20 week HIM free plan went great for two months and didn't. My IT acted up and I'd had chronic SI problems for two years that weren't getting any better. I'd been keeping my HR in mellow 130's on the runs but then bumped intensity into some pick ups. I was also without a bike for a bit so had to do my bike miles on a stationary with a wider Q than I'm used to. I stopped the plan, got PT, massage, accu, saw an osteopath, got better shoes and should have some orthotics delivered shortly from the podiatrist I saw. I still swam 3x/wk and checked out every running and tri book that my library had to offer.

Where I'm at:

  • My SI "released" me a few weeks ago and the IT feels like it might be okay. [.....]

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    date: May 1, 2006