Creating and Uploading Triathlon and Race Video's to Your Album

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The following instructions make it easy to record and upload your triathlon and race videos to your albums.


We are offering this video uploading as an enhancement to our members 'albums'.  In order to keep this easy on the integration and overhead, the albums will only accept .flv files unlike the more commercial outfits that accept a wider range of filetypes-they have to do more work on the back-end though. 

Basically these FLV's are FLASH files that your browsers flash player will play.  Around 98% of all browsers are now pre-loaded with Flash so no downloading by users is necessary for viewing.  Hence we chose this format.

A very easy program to convert AVI, MPEG, Quicktime, WMV videos to FLV's is the Riva Encoder which is totally free.  I have converted over 70 AVI files for the strength training tutorials with never a problem.

How to make a movie?
Digital devices work best.  Most digital picture cameras have a video option for short clips-which works out very nice.  All of our videos were done with a cheap digital picture camera having 30 second clips.  Or use a digital video camera having DVD or hard-drive recording.  Sure, you can transfer from a tape device, but the quality suffers and you need the connections and software.

*Since all video displayed here is 400x300 pixel resolution, make sure you record with that or above to keep the quality high.

Editing your video
Most operating systems have video software (Windows Movie Maker) to edit your videos.  Most likely your digital video camera will have it's own editing software.  If you're using a camera, most likely your clips will be short anyway so no need to chop it up.

Real easy, just install any software like the Riva Encoder to convert to FLV files.  Use the settings you see in the picture at the end as a template. Make sure your videos are in AVI, MPEG, Quicktime or WMV format.

  • Select your 'from' and 'to' files and give your video a name. 
  • Set the screensize to 400x300
  • Set the bitrate to 768 or 1000
    The higher the bitrate, the more quality the video will have but it will be bigger in filesize and shorter in length.  From our tests, 768 is an average bitrate with decent quality for moving objects.  Right now we have a 60MB limit per upload.  The lower the bitrate setting, the longer of movie you will have but at a lower quality.
  • Higher bitrate ---> higher quality ----> Shorter movie for uploading
  • Lower bitrate ---> lower quality ---->  Longer movies for uploading.
    Using the above parameters, you can do up-to 5-10minute videos at lower bitrates.  A little experimentation on your part will help you find what's optimal for you.
  • Press the 'Encode' button.  Your done.  You have an FLV movie. 

Checking the filesize
Once you create the FLV, right click on the file in your folder to see the size.  If it's under 60MB, you are fine.  If you are OVER the limit, either shorten the original video by editing the length OR lowering the bitrate. 

Viewing your video
The Riva Encoder comes with the Riva Player to view your FLV videos. Or use another FLV player to see your videos.

Uploading to BT
It's then just a matter of uploading to BT via your 'albums'.  Like your photo's, please don't post anybody else's videos or other copyrighted video.  Keep it tasteful.



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