Cobb Cycling V-Flow Max Saddle gear reviews

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date: August 9, 2012
review by: Dave 2.0

This saddle looks and appears like a great saddle. I really wanted it to work for me. Unfortunately, my position on the bike is very aero aggressive and for me this saddle placed all of my weight on the outer groin and scrotum. I had over 200 miles on this saddle, trying to give it an honest try. It became so uncomfortable that I began to loathe the thought of even getting on the bike; which happens to be my favorite aspect of triathlon. I truly wish it had worked for me but I just couldn't stand the pain it was causing any longer.
In my humble opinion, for those with less aggressive riding positions, especially road bike riders, this saddle should work quite well. Also, for females with any riding position, this saddle seems like it would work well. (albeit I'm a male but females don't have scrotums to get in the way so...should be great!)

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date: February 4, 2011
review by: louiskie

Really nice saddle if you are having taint issues.

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date: December 24, 2010
review by: ewoolf44

Definitely a necessary upgrade from most stock saddles. Seems to be a solid company that knows what they are doing and delivers a great product.

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date: July 14, 2010
review by: bzvbtc

I put this on my Cervelo Tri bike it had the stock saddle on it I have done an ironman and a half with that saddle. The V-flow max has soft yet firm ride its cooler and more comfortable then my old selle. Worth the money I would buy it again!

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date: May 1, 2010
review by: timbarnby

Buy this saddle unless you're a masochist! You really have to at least try it.

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date: October 21, 2009
review by: joker70

The tip of the nose is angled down so that it doesn't squish your frank and beans. The rest of nose is flatter and wider, due to the cut out, and that is where you rest your taint. It's great at relieving perianal pressure. The width is noticeable at first because I like to keep my thighs in, but it in no way inhibits my ability to do so. The back of the saddle is where your sit bones rest and is narrow enough where it doesn't limit your hamstrings range of motion.

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