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date: November 21, 2022
review by: BlueBoy26

My first Tribike was a 2001 Canondale Multisport that I got used. It had a Stella Italia Flite seat and when I took the bike to the local Bike Mechanic he said that I got a really good seat and that it I ever sold the bike I should swap seats for a stock seat and keep the Stella Italia. When I took the bike to a bike fitter 6 months later he noticed the seat too and said that he used to have 2-3 of the exact same seat in his garage. When I got my 2nd TriBike I made the seat swap, but when I got my 3rd and current bike the only way to mount the seat was with a hex wrench through the cut out in the seat. The Stella Italia didn't have a cut out so I kept the seat that came on the 3rd bike. I couldn't figure out why my FTP dropped 30 watts or why it felt like I was riding though mud everytime I got on the bike. I tried every adjustment I could make over about 4 weeks of riding and nothing helped. I finally decided to swap out all the new seat to the one that came with my 2nd bike that was the same shape as the Stella Italia seat but made of inferior materials and that had a cutout in the middle. The difference was immediate. I not longer felt like I was ridding through mud. I think the seat that came with the 3rd bike was too wide and I was rubbing my legs in the sides of it or something. Anyways I road with the stock seat from the 2nd bike for a year to year and half then when looking for another Stella Italia because the second seat flexed a ton and just felt flimsy and cheap. Over the that first year and half I also had the 3rd seat melt in my hot garage. I found someone with a used Stella Italia Max Flight Gel Flow and decided to pick it up. I love that is has a leather cover. It won't melt in the hot garage like the stock saddles made of synthetic materials do. This saddle has the cut out in the middle so I can mount it on my bike. It is a lot stiffer than the saddle from bike #2 but not as stiff as the original Stella Italia Flite saddle. is an upgrade from the saddles from Bike #2 and Bike #3. I don't know if there is something faster out there and I haven't tried any other saddles but I am happy with it.

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