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"Searching for a TRI bike can be a time consuming ordeal some of us may have the means to go to the Local bike Shop and simply say I want the best bike you have for the following goals… Get the bike get fitted and walk it to the truck others of us like myself it is a journey with many questions and a fixed budget to stay within. For me the magic dollar mount was $1200. I visited 3 shops and found $1200 did not buy much so I turned to the Internet and e-bay. Having purchased my Daughter an entry level road bike from that was my first stop and found the Motobecane Nemesis Pro.
After careful research I determined that this bike was the same frame and equipment set up as the Fuji Aloha 1.0 I tried to locate a Aloha to buy but the local bike shop has discontinued carrying the Fuji line. I contacted Fuji and got a lead on a shop about 80 miles away that could get me an Aloha 2.0 for around $1400 I declined. My local shop made a good effort to grab my business with a great offer for a 07 Trek Equinox 7 but the 650 wheels made me shy away so I turned to Sprtymama a e-bay seller my questions were answered very promptly the purchase was made and delivery was in 2 days. The sales price including shipping was $1185. The bike arrived exactly as advertised packaging was great the bike was well protected and parts were sealed in bags ready for assembly. As you can see I am very happy with this bike and I recommend it to anyone looking for a high quality but low price TRI bike and is not afraid of some assembly work. It is not a carbon frame and not as high tech as the top of the line bikes but it is a better bike than I am a rider it fit my budget and it fits me.


This was a bit of a problem I read somewhere to expect 20 to 30 minuets it took me 4 hours the instructions for the bike did not seem to refer to this bike but to a generic bike. The Shimano instructions were somewhat helpful but I used my bike repair manual for most of the build as well as my existing road bike. The biggest problem I encountered were the bar end shifters I did not install them exactly right and thus did not have all 9 clicks a post on BT got me in the right direction and the problem was fixed


This is a restickered Fuji Aloha 1.0 and the construction is what I would expect from a quality bike company.


I based the size to order on my existing Fuji road bike and a review of the listed specs and gemometry it feels very good but i have not been fitted yet.


The ride is good the bike is comfortable smooth and handled almost as well as my road bike shifting from the bar end shifters was nearly effortless even with out a fit on the bike I was very comfortable.


Time will tell but based on the parts I expect a long life for this bike.


There is no other way to say it 1147.00 for a Dura Ace Tri bike could not be touched. I tried to buy from the local shops and the one I normally go to tried to sell me a bike in my price range but the 650 wheels were a deal ender. With the Dura Ace shifter, front and rear derailleur’s carbon crank and other high quality parts there was nothing within 500.00 for me to even consider. The closest bike was a 9 speed 105/Ult mix. My friend at the shop thought the bike would come with a heavy chap frame but with a weight of 20.3 pounds including pedals and computer it is lighter than his tri bike.


This is a great looking bike I planned on changing the stickers so I could make it a custom bike but the stickers are under a clear coat and based on the response I have had from fellow riders I will keep it as is. The lines are nice the paint is sharp and all the parts match beautifully.


sprtymama has responded fast to all my e-mail but I do not expect any further support.


I had 23 miles on it before my race and even tho I approached the race with out the high stress “I want to go my best attitude” the bike performed great a new PR even without food, taper, or rest. I rode 18 miles .7 miles per hour faster than my last best race time which was on a 13 mile flatter course.

Very high quality parts see the spec sheet Fast delivery and good communication this is a great looking comfortable fast bike.

It will not have snob appeal people that know bikes will know it is an internet bike. Assembly was challenging for me but I had fun putting it together and learned a lot too. The instructions are not very useful so get a repair book to help with assembly.

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