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"Great trainer at a great price, thou watch that lock."rottieguy


Easy enough to set up. I misunderstood the wheel sizing and set it up for the wrong wheel size the first time, oops.


I'm marking it down here, due to the fact the quick wheel lock doesn't lock so well. I had quite a crash on the trainer while cooling down due to the lock opening suddenly, causing me one heck of a fall and a bent rear wheel not to mention a cut to my head and a nicely bruised elbow. I rigged it with a zip tie around the lock lever and have no more issues. I've contacted Kurt and they won't respond. I'm now in contact and have a formal complaint filed with the US Product Safety Commision. I can't believe this doesn't happen to others more often, or there's something wrong with my lock.


Solid unit


Adjustable for all types of bikes.


Appears real durable and solidly built.


I picked it up for a great price and have seen them in other stores as high as $350


It's a trainer.


Don't seem interested in my lock issue.


Works real well and is smooth, provided your not falling out of it ;)

Solidily built, smooth operation and quiet.

The wheel lock mechanism doesn't work well on mine, and needs a positive locking mechanism to prevent sudden failure. Not counting my rigged up zip tie, thou it does work.

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