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I think mine is very well built. It's nice and strong but still pretty light for the price.


Mine doesn't fit me as well as i'd like. That's mainly due to the bike shop I got it from. It's my first expensive bike and so its a bit large for me now.


Even being ill fitting the handlebars, carbon fork and the like do a very good job of soaking up the bumps and making for a quite pleasant ride.



I've put 2000+ miles on it and have raced it. Other than a few scratches its as good as the day I bought it.


Other than a freak deal on a used bike this is by far the most bang for the buck out there. I hvae upgraded most of the drivetrain to ultegra as 9spd is going out.


Good paint, just not a fan of the light blue.


This bike flat outhauls. It's nice and stiff to stand up to my 235lb frame. Also I somehow got the racexlite tires and, wow this is a great handling bike. Don't expect top of the line but it's very predictable and loves to be pushed.

weight or lack there of, Saddle, 105/ultegra mix, Light but durable wheels, good tires,

105 stuff, off brand brakes ( do yourself a favor and upgrade, It's worth it)

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