Garmin Forerunner 305 review

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"I use it for all my running and cycling workouts and even for my Olympic and Half Ironman races. I wish you could swim with it, they say its waterproof but not recommended for swimming, I don't. But hey it's your money."Chocky


Fairly simple to use, it takes a bit of setting up for your own personal preferences but once you sort that out its just turn it on and go.


Good quality and well made


It's a little big but molds around your wrist.


Not badly priced but I didn't shop around that much.


I love it and won't train without it.

Being able to plan your workouts on your computer and downloading them to your watch.It's like having a personal trainer, keeping your workout honest.

I like the software to see your workout history.

Good for indoors and out.

Garmin would do well if they made this thing for swimming too.

Waiting for the navigation to find the satellite takes a little long some days for my liking.

Chest band can be a bit sensitive at times, make sure you wet the senses and your chest before use.

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