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"A good mid-level suit but you've got to be REALLY careful with the material when taking it on or off. "Tridave77


The quality of construction on things like the seams, zipper, zelcro catches, etc. has been good so far. However, some of the actual material is VERY delicate. If you plan on doing a lot of swim training and are a little tough on your suits, I'm not so sure this suit will last for more than a season.


It's no secret that size is everything when it comes to wetsuits and is very personal. I tried on many suits and this one fits me like a glove.


Suit allows for good movement in the upper body and I haven't had any problems with rubbing or chaffing.


Here's where I am a bit disappointed. The suit ripped on the arm the first time I put it on. I was being extra careful but the material is like tissue paper. I understand that the suit is delicate but I barely pulled on it and managed to put a hole in it:( I feel like every time I put it on I might damage it (and yes I've watched their "video" on how it put a suit on properly).


This suit's a bomber, it looks good. Too bad my swimming stroke doesn't match.


Good mix of buoyancy and flexibility. Makes an intermediate swimmer like myself feel like I'm better than I am. Also,fairly easy to get out of it in a hurry but again you have to be careful not to rip the areas of the suit with the softer rubber.

Good fit, flexibility and buoyancy where you need it. Nice streamline suit that still gives you a little extra float. You definitely get some top-of-the-line features for a mid-level price. Also, I think it looks great.

Durability of material used in certain parts of the suit.

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