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"All I know is it seems to work for me and actually tastes good after a workout...It's worth checking out if you are looking to recover faster. There are many other products that do the same thing but I find them to be too sweet and contain too many calories for what I need. Sample size of my little test was n=1 so keep that in mind."Burd


When comparing the cost of some of the other recovery drinks this comes in at less per serving and packs in the nutrients for that cost.


When I contacted the company directly I was overwhelmed on how helpful they were. After talking to them I got a reply email not even 5 minutes after hanging up the phone to confirm what I was told. One time when I sent an email with a question and figured I would get a reply email I was surprised that I actually got a phone call. Dealing with them couldn't be easier.


When I use the recovery drink I have noticed a drop in my "heavyness" in my legs after a long run or ride. I really notice when I don't drink it. I have used other recovery products that work as well but watching my weight with all calories counting this is about half of everything else still with the same nutrients. It's not sickening sweet either which I like when I'm real hot.

Taste, performance, cost per serving, and customer service.

No large containers available only the 16 serving size.

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