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"Very satisfied and will be using it for all rides over an hour. Strongly recommend."TTom


The system is very well designed and sturdy. It was a bit tricky to figure out how to mount it as the instructions were a bit vague on the configuration of the Velcro straps (or maybe it was just me). It is easy to position with the straps and I used a couple of tie wraps on the back straps to hold them in position as the unit did want to slide back a bit on a bumpy ride and since I have the back straps mounted on the rear tips of the aero bars, they could potentially have slipped off.
When I first mounted the system I could not get the reservoir into the holder because of the raised bolt in the rear, so took out the spacer that raised the head. But then the reservoir wasn’t held tight. They included a little green slip of paper in the box that gave tips on using the Torpedo, and one of them was to rotate the reservoir into the mount. I put the spacer back on, did the rotation thing, and it snapped right into place – firmly.


I found the drinking tube to be a bit long and have been trimming it down little by little to get to an optimum height. The bite valve was a bit stiff at first and fluid flow constricted, but that seems to be improving with use. To tuck it into the dolphin tail holder requires that you pinch the tube while doing so.

The computer mount is great for my 910. It puts the unit right under my eyes when riding so all I have to do is glance down to get my info. You do have to put the reservoir in first, then the computer as it is a tight fit and the 910 will almost rest up against the reservoir.


This thing is bulletproof. Does not move around at all and the raised bolt in the bottom of the mount that fits into the reservoir really shows that a lot of thought went into design.


Fully adjustable with the Velcro straps. In addition to providing hydration, being mounted between the bars provides a great reference place for your forearms when in aero position.


Velcro mount allows for large adjustment, multiple slots in baseplate allows you to fine tune.


Remains to be seen, but I can't see how this could not be durable.


I went with the lower cost version with the aluminum as opposed to carbon construction. If you are concerned with every gram, they have a model for that.


Looks good!


I actually ordered this from Nytro and before they had received stock on this product. When I inquired about status the response was rapid and complete, then they followed up with a personal message when it shipped.

The Torpedo is firmly mounted, you'll never have to worry about launching it. Refilling on the go is easy with the cross-cut top, and it just plain looks good.

Bite valve could allow for a higher flow at lower effort.

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