Saucony Mirage III review

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"Overall. one of my favorite running shoes. Unfortunately, it looks like Saucony is discontinuing the model. Who knows what the IV will be like. I bought 2 more pair on closeout so I'll be able to continue to use the III for awhile."slornow


Good. The upper material in the III is more like that of the I. Much more pliable than the Mirage II. Downside is my big toe would wear through the upper material in the toe box toward the end of the shoe's life


I like the fit. Plenty of room in the toe box. I have also worn these sockless in races


Never had any blisters or hotspots. Upper material seems to breathe well


Pretty good for a light shoe. Other than the issue with the upper material the shoe wore well and the sole held up well


Solid shoe for the $$


White with orange....I've seen worse


Excellent all around shoe. Light enough for tempo/track workouts or racing but added stability makes it a good shoe for longer training runs as well.

Great all around running shoe. Light but with some stability

Wear issue with the upper in the toe box. BUT, I really like the upper material so not an issue for me and did not compromise the shoe in anyway

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