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"OK, I have been going back and forth on getting a new saddle. BTW, if you are wondering about the difference between a bike seat and a saddle, then this may not be the review for you. After about 25 miles into a ride I start to feel it and I am starting to go further now, with 30-40 milers being a goal for consistency. I currently have 2 Adamo saddles, the Road and the Racing, on demo from Real Bikes Englewood. I put the Road on the bike, and went out for a 25 mile ride the other morning. It rode nicely, with the relief cut out and the shorter nose, the overall feel of it was nice. I tried the aero bars and there it was. NO PRESSURE!!!!! Good Golly, Miss Mollyl, that is a relief and a half. The final test was after dismount. Oh Yeah, the twig and berries were happy. How happy, Jimmy? Happier than a camel on Wednesday. Insert Geico ad here.

So next up was the Racing II, which was very similar to the Road. Maybe I am not that sensitive, but if there was a difference, I couldn’t have told you while I was sitting on the bike. It felt good. So, 16 miles into the ride, I headed for home. There was not going to be a lot more that I would know if I kept on riding, and the real world was calling as well.

Finally, I did that which pushed me to decision making. I put my old San Marco back on the bike. 27 mile ride with the group from Real Bikes Englewood was all the time I needed to remind me of how different the Adamo felt. The reality is that the sit bones felt the Adamo more than they ever did with the San Marco, but the relief that came in the form of no numbness made the choice easy. Combine that with the multiple reviews that mention your adjustment will be complete after a few rides and the choice was made. Message sent to RBE, please order me a new saddle!

It has been a few months since the original test and there have been many miles put on the Adamo Road. And there are a few things that I have noticed.

No return of the numbness. This has been a glorious feeling and the biggest selling point I can think of.

My sit bones have adjusted, and it did not take very long at all. If it was 2 weeks, then I’d be surprised.
The Adamo saddles in general elict a response. Love it or hate it, people have a response to it. There is no middle ground.


Installs like any other saddle.


Seems to be fine.


Comfortable as can be.


I had to play with it a little bit to get it where I wanted, but that is true of any saddle.


Adamo saddles are not cheap, so be prepared.


I went with the simple black. I am a simple man.


I worked with my LBS, Real Bikes Englewood. They went over and above on the demo process, as I probably tested a half dozen saddles in all.

Comfort, no numbness

Cost is the only drawback. But a quality saddle can be quite expensive, and compared to many, this was not unreasonable.

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