CycleOps Joule 3.0 review

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"I like this, but it's not a necessary accessory. I use the GPS feature when I ride outside instead of riding with a Garmin. If you already have a GPS/ANT+ device, like the Garmin 910xt, or 310xt, this isn't needed. "ratherbeswimming


Mounts similarly to Garmin units. Mine is on my aero bars with a single rubber gasket and the mount.


This is where I'm not a HUGE Joule fan.

The menu navigation isn't completely intuitive for the set-up. I find myself mixing up button functions during set-up and while trying to change data screens and view workouts.

There isn't a single button that will end a ride - you have to navigate into the menu to end a ride.


So far, so good. It's a totally plastic exterior so it's handled drops and being stuffed at the bottom of bags just fine :)

Great pre-loaded data screens.

Pairs well and easily with my PowerTap and ANT+ HR monitor.

Big screen is easy to read

Recognizes indoor sessions and prompts you to allow it to turn off GPS and save battery

Menus not intuitive

Need to physically plug into PC to upload data

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