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"Excellent value and strong performance. Not sure I'd go another direction even if price was not a concern. "obohlman


Bought with crankset - so crankset installation is no different from any other install. Installing (or swapping) just the crank arms is maybe 2-3 minutes.


It just works...crazy simple.


So far, so good.


Excellent value for the money, is on par with my old PowerTap, but now I have the flexibility to use whatever wheels I want. Also got a matching DuraAce crankset for my other bike, now I can take 2-3 minutes tops to swap the non-drive-side crank arm that has the PM from one bike to the other. Amazingly easy!


During the purchase process, I had outstanding response and support from the people at Stages. Very accommodating and wanting to insure a very good buying experience.


Only reason for the 4 instead of a 5 is I'll lose the connection between the Stages PM and my Garmin (910XT on my wrist or 500 mounted on my bars) a few times per hour, for perhaps a few seconds each time...really the ONLY issue I've had.

Use of any wheels you'd like, ease of moving the PM from bike to bike...AS LONG AS you have the same type of crank and same crank arm length on the other bike(s). Very reliable data, doesn't seem to need to be re-calibrated like I needed to do every time with my PowerTap. No need to "back pedal" for a reset like with Quarq. Battery replacement is crazy easy, do it your-self easy. Very reasonable price.

connection consistancy between Stages PM on my crank arm and my Garmin drops a few times per hour for a few seconds each time. Nothing else known

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