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"These sleeves have been a great tool for recovery from long runs. We all know the benefits of compression socks, but 110% sleeves have the bonus of allowing the insertion of ice packs. The inner lining of the sleeve protects the skin from extreme cold, but the leg benefits from a lack of space between the ice/sleeve and the leg. These have made a big difference in my recovery from long runs."LundyLund


The challenge with the sleeves is getting them on. They are easy to get on the legs if the ice packs are not inserted. But, then getting the ice packs inserted is very difficult. Conversely, getting the sleeves on with the ice packs inserted is difficult. But, once the sleeves (with ice) are on, the user does not have to do anything else.
After a session, just run water over the packs, wipe off, and put in the freezer, and they're ready for the next use.


High quality material, can handle the rigors of being put on and taken off. The ice packs do not affect the stitching.


Make sure you try them on before buying them. They come in different sizes, which are not adjustable.


The inner layer of the sleeve provides enough insulation that the ice is not uncomfortable, but the cold is noticeable.
Without the ice packs, the sleeves are very comfortable. I wore them on a 9 hour flight, and never had to remove them.


The ice packs are adjustable in the sense that they can be trimmed with scissors. Of course, once they're cut, they can't be put back together. Also, the ice "blocks" are about 1" x 2", so if you have to cut in the middle of one of the blocks, it might affect that block's performance.


The compression sleeves work like a charm. The only negative is that it is easy to replenish the ice pack unevenly. Thus, sometimes, the top of the ice pack will be full, while the bottom (or one of the sides) is less full. This provides for a less evenly distributed recovery.

Good materials, comfortable, aids recovery.

Hard to get on with ice packs inserted. Hard to insert ice packs if sleeves put on first. Requires diligence in making sure ice pack is replenished evenly.

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