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"I was a little worried that I wouldn't like it as much as the kickr. But so far so good, and since I am only at this residence for 4 months a year, and half of that is either on the road or back home. This was a great alternative. Plus when it is time to pack up and I need the storage space, this unit folds up nicely and takes up a lot less space than a kickr would.

Very happy with the decision to go with the Snap.


Plug in, replace bike axle with the one that came with the trainer. Install bike and adjust width to fit my bike. Turn knob against wheel until there is no slippage. Do not over tighten or some of the control will be lost.


Connected to the Wahoo utilities app to do an initial spin down to calibrate the trainer. Then I connected it to Zwift using an ANT + dongle. Everything worked on the first try.


Solid unit!


Just turn the knob and check for slippage. It takes a little practice, but not bad overall.


Compared to some of the other smart trainers this is a lot less money.


So far, so good! The power numbers are spot on. The Zwift program controls the trainer well and gives a good ride!

I have had the Kickr for a couple of years and wanted the ability to use zwift at my winter home, but didn't want to spend $1200 for a second one. So I figured I would try the Snap at around half the price. It was easy to set up, and I had it going in just a few minutes.

If you are into tracking power, I had my Power Tap pedals and after calibrating both the Snap and the pedals, the power numbers for both were exactly the same after a 90 minute ride.

Zwift controlled the trainer to simulate the hills just as well as the Kickr.

Being a wheel on drum as opposed to a chain and sprocket set up there is a little more set up before each ride, but not bad.

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