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"I'm not one to spend on special hair products. I just get whatever is on sale, and use it until it runs out, and then find something new and see if I like that better. I also only swim a couple of times a week. But these products are so high quality, I would invest in them again. On one occasion, I misjudged my schedule and had to go straight from a swim-and-weightlifting workout to a meeting without time to shower. I had used the Pre and Post Swim Conditioner before my swim workout, and I used the lotion on my skin. I changed into professional clothes and let my hair dry on the way there. I was AMAZED that I didn't smell like a pool and didn't smell from the gym even. In fact, I was well into my day before I remember that I had never showered!

It's usually my hands that are unpleasant on a swim day. Even after a normal shower, I can still smell the pool on my hands if I rub my eyes or nose during the day. But with the body wash and lotion, this was not an issue at all. The sample kit used for this review was provided by TRIHARD. BeginnerTriathlete users can receive a discount using the code BEGINNER20 at checkout.


Not inexpensive, but also not cheap. You get what you pay for.


Professionally packaged, nice branding, good instructions for each item.


As advertised, TRIHARD products erase the smell of the swimming pool and made my hair and skin softer and more supple.

The shampoo, conditioner and lotion were very high quality and clearly created with swimmers and triathletes in mind. These items not only made the chlorine smell vanish, they had specific instructions such as applying the conditioner prior to swimming. I've always wanted to be that disciplined person who showers and completely wets my hair before every swim, but actually I don't want to get all shivery on the way to the pool, so I don't. I just dunk my dry, fine hair right into the pool, where it soaks up all the chlorine water. But that changed when I applied the conditioner pre-swim, as suggested on the packaging.

Additionally the Pre and Post Swim Eye Gel was wonderful. I'm sure it did whatever it promised about protecting the skin under my eyes and helping avoid goggle marks, but honestly the cool stone applicator at the end of the tube just felt nice and luxurious to use.

I didn't love the individual packs of shampoo and conditioner. I understand people might find them convenient, but the packaging and waste wasn't something I want to create. In the future I'll get the full-size bottles.

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