VIDEO: Triathlon Transition Setup and Execution

author : mikericci
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photoDon't know how to setup your triathlon transition area? We cover everything from wetsuit tips, bike check, nutrition, shoes, equipment placement to actual race day execution.

Nutrition for Sprint Triathlons

author : mrakes1
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photoUnderstanding the scientific concept behind a small amount of nutrition before and during your shorter triathlons.

The Rise and Fall of my Triathlon Demons

author : joeinco
comments : 6
photoAs a triathlete, there is one acronym that you just can’t fathom ever having next to your name in a race report – DNF: DID NOT FINISH.

Race Prep: The Day is Near, So Where is Your Gear? Part 1 of 2

author : Ontherun
comments : 5
photoAs race day apporaches anxiety builds. Don't let packing add to that list of worries. Part 1 is a checklist compiled by many that I have used on race day.

A Message from the Head Referee to all age-group competitors

author : USATriathlon
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photoPosition rule violations during triathlon racing.

Pre Race Nutrition

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avatarThoughts on carbohydrate loading leading up to triathlon race day.

2nd Tri -Viva Kwazulu Natal

author : Team BT
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photoWe did really well with the beers, which will explain my reluctance to get out of bed on Saturday morning.

How to Cope with Pre-Race Jitters

author : Daniel Clout
comments : 1
avatarAre you apprehensive going into your first tri season?

Laying Out A Transition Area

author : Michael
comments : 1
avatarHow to properly and effectively lay out your triathlon transition area.

Racing by the Rules!

author : Michael
comments : 0
avatarIf you are going to do a triathlon, you need to know at least some of the basic rules that can keep you from getting hurt or hurting someone else.

Don’t Forget the Small Stuff! - Race Day Checklist

author : Michael
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avatarDownloadable race-day checklist for your triathlon preparation. Everything you need to bring from your bike to drinks.

Race Day Gear

author : Ron
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avatarSome gear you may want to pack...includes general, swim, bike and run specifics. Don't forget your bike!

24 hours and counting - what to eat before the big race day

author : BrianPBN
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avatarNot one menu is a perfect fit for all athletes, but there are some general rules that everyone can use as a guide during the final 24 hours leading into your race.
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