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"This is a good idea, using your cold/ice treatment simultaneously as your muscle roller. Overall, it's pretty well designed. It looks great and does stay frozen for a long time. The ball fits into the housing so it can roll smoothly against your muscles. It takes a little getting used to. Unlike a rubber ball you might use, it doesn't move when you move your body against it. It rolls inside the casing.

Full disclosure, this product was provided free of charge for review by BeginnerTriathlete.


It's easy to roll against or hold in your hand, but I had a little trouble screwing and unscrewing the housing to insert and remove the frozen ball.


It seems well made. The threads are good, the ball itself seems extremely durable, and the housing is sturdy.

This is a great idea, having your ice treatment and your pressure treatment altogether in the same tool. Rather than using the foam roller or lacrosse ball to massage the muscles and then icing them later, you are doing both at once! The product idea is cool and it looks nice, too. The shape of the product makes it possible to hold it in your hand, brace it against a wall, or put it on the floor to produce pressure against the muscle. It rolls pretty well against skin or fabric.

The collar you unscrew to remove the ball to put it in the freezer is a bit difficult. It's smooth (for good reason when massaging with the ball) but that makes it hard to get a grip and turn it. I don't know why you have to remove the ball to freeze it. It would be easier to stick the whole thing in the freezer, but maybe that's bad for the plastic. Also when I put the flat part against a wall and rolled it against my shoulder blade, it tended to flip on its side a little. To be fair, I was afraid of getting too cold, so I had a shirt on. Perhaps on skin, the ball would have rolled more smoothly and not flipped.

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