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Tempe, Arizona
United States
Ironman North America
64F / 18C
Total Time = 10h 29m 46s
Overall Rank = 120/1700
Age Group = M18-24
Age Group Rank = 3/79
Pre-race routine:

Let me give a warning... This could become a very.. very long race report. I will try and keep to the point and as short as possible, but remember my warning!

The race really starts about half way through the mary. So if you dont feel like reading my novel read from the mary on! :)

I woke I'm thinking around 4am. Scott was getting up to leave to volunteer and I remember him talking w/ John. As soon as Scott was out the door I started eating my first meal. Tossed some instant oatmeal in a bowl and started microwaving. I then grabbed a ClifBar and some water and started hydrating. I then ate the whole bowl of oatmeal (really not that much) and finished off my clifbar. I then went ahead (after examining the calories on the side of my oatmeal box) and cooked another little pouch. I then finished off that one as well. Everything had been set up and organized the night before so there really wasnt all that much to be done. I tried to get a few more minutes of sleep but that wasnt going to happen. Once John got back from dropping Scott off I went ahead and loaded the van w/ my gear. Extra wheel set, my dry clothes bag, wetsuit, bike pump, etc etc. I then just tried to relax outside while John and Lauren finished up inside. Once everyone was ready I drove everyone down to the race parking around 5:00ish. WE grabbed everything from the van and headed down to transistion. Once down there I first aired up my tires and double checked all the equipment/food on the bike. Midway through pumping up my tires I saw Aaron (fleeber) and our friend Tyler. I had Tyler assist in my tire air up then chatted it up w/ fleeber a bit while we eyed the competition. I seperated from fleeber for a bit to head off and get body marked. I quickly spotted Scott and headed over to him to get body marked. After I was done getting marked Scott gave me a quick good luck and then proceeded to body mark the words.. "Balls to the Wall" on my forearm. Let me tell you this. At mile 22 of the mary that is exactly what I needed to see. I headed out of transition to find John and Lauren, then we all met up w/ Jess, Chippy, and Fleeber. This was just the start of what Jess and Liz would be contributing to the day. Here we just all stayed relaxed and tossed out a bunch of "Jokes". Aaron and I then suited up and said good bye to our friends/family and proceeded to the water entrance. Once Aaron and I got to the dock area I finished suiting up and cleaned my goggles. I ran into Mary and wished her the best. Then all that was left was for Aaron and I to jump in and attempt to finish our journey towards Kona qualifying.
Event warmup:

Once Aaron and I were in the water we both swam towards the start line and worked our way almost to the very front. Maybe 2-3 "rows" back. This area at first didnt seem all that crowded but quickly seemed to fill up. I kept scooting back a bit until finally I realized i wasnt going to avoid the people. National anthem was sung, then Bitter Sweet Symphony was played and the countdown began. We had about 1min left and I looked over to find Aaron but he was long gone. Well... Its go time. Mile Riley wished us luck and the cannon sounded for the start of my second ironman.
  • 1h 02m 43s
  • 4224 yards
  • 01m 29s / 100 yards

The gun sounded and we were off. I quickly noticed I wasnt getting smashed in the face and slammed underwater like IMLP! How wonderful. That seemed to be the theme of the entire swim. It was unbelievably calm for an IM Mass swim start. One fear I had starting was that it would be extremely difficult swimming into the sun, well the fear quickly left my mind as I realized id be drafting most the way down. Soon enough I found some good feet to try and stick with and did a pretty good job but kept getting jostled from behind and kept running into people that would stop and look UP to sight! Retards. The swim stayed pretty calm all the way down to the bridge. I kept running into the problem of people stopping to sight, and people running right into the side of me, but other than that no big problems. The course was funny in the way that the bridge seemed like it was getting closer but felt like it took FOREVER to get to. Once I finally made it to the bridge everything started to back up a bit from the turn ahead. I quickly averted to the outside as to avoid the traffic and did a pretty good job at missing it. I did get knocked a few times despite... Once around the first bouy I quickly sighted on the next and just stuck my head down. I tried to do the exact same thing I had done at the first bouy, kinda swing to the outside and miss the crowding. Here I did an even better job and missed a lot of the traffic. This was the point when I had planned on looking at my watch to check on my progress. My goal time for the turn around was :30min. Once down there I didnt check because i realized it didnt matter. If I had checked I probably would have been upset because i was a min or so off pace. Once on the return trip I was suprised by how long it took to get back to the bridge. Once underneath that bridge I tried to sight off the far bridge about a mile down the river. This is where I really notice everything start to thin out. I couldnt find ANYONE to draft off of here. I was also sighting down river at other bouys, and the people to my left were sighting on the closest bouys which kept them quite a ways to my left. Even though I felt wrong I knew I was on the right path and to just continue. From that point on I just stayed within myself and focused on getting to the final turn. Off to my left I could see Sun Devil stadium. It was so cool getting to swim past it. BUT DAMN did it feel like it took forever! Finally the stadium and buildings had past and I was almost to the bridge, still swimming like what I felt was alone. Once I arrived at the bridge the traffic built up again and I could see the last left turn off in the distance at a huge red bouy. Once I got to the bouy the traffic was a lot lighter so I hugged it tight and started to push towards the shore. Here is where I finally felt like I was swimming at my potential, but obviously way too late. I sighted well on the exit and started thinking about the 112 mile bike ride ahead of me. I stayed to the far right of the exit and stumbled just a bit getting my footing but grabbed the hand rail and headed out of the water.
What would you do differently?:

Dont be a gina and swim harder like I know I can. I feel that I held back WAY too much. Well... 2:30min worth of too much. I definitly got in my comfort zone and just chilled there. Unacceptable for what I was trying to accomplish on that day. Kona will definitly bring me out of my comfort zone...
Transition 1
  • 03m 57s

Ran up the stairs and immediatly pulled of my swim cap and goggles. I put them in my left hand then looked for Scott to pull my wetsuit off. I though I had spotted him but turns out it was someone else. I was handed my suit then started the run towards the T1 bags, on the way I saw Scott and he gave me some quick words of encouragment. I shouted my number but ended up getting my own bag. Once I had it I ran into the tent to find all the volunteers taken. Literally. I found a chair by the exit and started grabbing. I put my shoes on, helmet on, sunglasses on, then gels and sport legs into my suit then sat my stuff in the chair next to me. As I ran out of the tent I grabbed a volunteer and pointed to my stuff to let him know it was there. I ran out of the tent and quickly shouted my number again to see if someone would have my bike, No luck here either, I ran down my aisle, grabbed my bike and headed towards the mount line. Once there I mounted and was off...
What would you do differently?:

Next time leave my cap and goggles on until after my wetsuit is pulled off...
  • 5h 29m 29s
  • 112 miles
  • 20.40 mile/hr

So if you've talked to anyone about this race you know how it played out. The wind picked up.. it got hot. Wait.. Hotter*. Etc etc. Ive already written the entire bike part before but accidently erased. here is one more attempt :)

A few things went wrong with this ride, and they all happened within the first 3 minutes. I crossed the mount line and quickly hopped on my steed. I put my left foot in and got clipped in, then stuck my right foot on my pedal and pushed to clip it in. IT WOULDNT lock! omg. great. 112 miles to go and I cant even clip in. I work with it for a few seconds and just couldnt get clipped in. I continued to roll out the starting chute towards the road all the while almost riding into the barriers trying to get clipped in. Not to mention people were passing me. I put my right foot up on the top tube and tried to pick what appeared to mud out of my cleat with my fingernails. didnt work. Tried to dig whatever that was out of my pedal. Tried again. didnt work. UGH. OMG. Something this retarted was NOT going to keep me from qualifying. I quickly remember to stay calm and dont spaz because that wont fix it. I looked up to see a mecahnical tent and coasted over to them. I probably was shouting and asked them if they had a screwdriver or flat head to dig this crap out of my pedal and cleat. They rushed to find something. One guy started diggin in my cleat while the other dug in my pedal. They told me it was FREAKING POWER BAR! I had stepped on someones dropped power bar. wow. I tried again and STILL couldnt clip in. They dug at it again and FINALLY I was able to clip in. What a relief that was. Its odd now to look back and think some guys random dropped power bar could have ruined my race and kept me from Kona.

I rode away from the tent and started pedaling. In total probably spending about 2min doing all that. I then fiddling with my gels and sport legs. Nutrition time. I took my gel then grabbed my sport legs and opened the NUUN container that Id stuffed full with sport legs capsules. I then looked up to see JOHN! Hey! I shouted at him and then turned my head back towards the course JUST IN TIME TO RUN INTO about 5 cones! OMG. The open container of sport legs went everywhere. I looked down into it and ALL but ONE was left. wow. Mentally that was like getting having someone break my knee caps after 6months of training. My mentality stayed strong though and I tried to look at the bright side. What can I do now? So I threw the empty container away and started cycling. I was constantly passing people. Felt good and just kept pushing. I was moving way fast w/ little effort so I knew we had a good tailwind. Made the few left and right turns and I was quickly turning onto the Beeline. The 10mile out and back section. The out way was slightly uphill the whole time, then the vice versa the other way. When I turned onto the beeline I REALLY noticed the wind here. I just focused on someone just ahead of me and stuck with him all the way till the turnaround. The whole time out just thinking about FLYING back to town. Turned around at the turnaround and heard someone shout my name! Had NO idea at the time who it was but later found out it was BryanCD. Thanks Bryan!!! AFter the turn around mile avg was around 18 something. It was SO fast on the way back that I was around 22.5ish when I got back into town. Kept an eye out for John, Lauren and Scott but didnt see any of them. Made the turn around and passed the "hot corner" ready to push 20miles into that headwind. The wind had obviously picked up. It was getting nice and hot now. I was right on schedule with my eating and had been hydrating well. All except for my sport legs :( I once again made my way out of town and turned left onto the Beeline. When I turned onto the highway it was like hitting a brick wall. BAM. The wind was really pushing now. I could actually see a dust storm up ahead! wow. Not good I thought. The whole way to the turn around it was a fight. I couldnt find anyone to focus on this time. Was pretty much alone. Once again all I could think about was getting to that turnaround again. My avg was really slacking here and looking back I probably could have and should have pushed a little more here. Overall I feel this out section was my low spot during the ride. I came to the turnaround to hear Bryan once again say my name then I hear him so "GO AARON".. WTF I thought. If beard boy behind me? I look right behind me and BAM! Theres Aaron. Ha! Thats awesome. He passed me as I grabbed some bottles at the aid station and we started FLYING back to town. Easily pushing 32+ mph the WHOLE WAY. I would pass him, then he'd pass me then I finally thought he'd gotten away. A few miles later I looked up and I was still able to see him up ahead. WE headed towards town and I was now closing on him. I finally passed him coming into town and we basically rode into the "hot corner" together. When we crossed the bridge he pulled up next to me and said we should cross the timing mat together. Well THAT we did, and we both had the EXACT same time at what??? Mile 76ish of an Ironman bike leg! wow. We passed the mat and then I could head John banging on his pot. Wow. Then I hear him shout.. "KONA BOUND". Man I love my brother. Little did we know :) I let Aaron jump ahead and watched him begin to fade into the distance. I was prepared to battle the wind all the way back to the turnaround. Once again we turned onto the Beeline and the wind was still pushing, but not AS bad as before. (still strong) I once again kept an eye on people passing me and waited to find someone good to sight on the way back. Well.. along came #295. His name was Jeff. I remember it so vividly. I kept an eye on him the WHOLE way up to the turnaround. It was on the way up there I felt real slight cramps coming on. I would get out of the saddle then get back at it. About 2miles from the turnaround a ref rode up next to me and told me I had a yellow card. I asked him how long my penalty was and he said its a warning. I asked if I had to stop and he said just tell the person at the tent you got a yellow card. I never found out why I got that... I can only assume I was too close to this guy passing me at the time. Hit the turnaround and could see the yellow tent. I pulled up next to it and told the guy. He told me to sign something and I was free to go. I scribbled on the clipboard ... in what I can "mile 96 of a 96 degree Ironman bike leg writing". I pushed away and began CRANKING my way towards transition. I WAS FLYING. All i had was a marathon left. Ive never had that much adrenaline. I felt invincible. I knew i probably shouldnt push too hard, but I had a lot of time to make up for. I was probably holding about 33mph. I looked up to all the sudden see Aaron. I passed him and literally said, "Lets ******* DO THIS!!" I now know that was the adrenaline talking. I kept pushing, looked back a few minutes later and didnt see him. I just assumed he was racing his race. I FLEW back into town. A few times I felt a small cramp showing its ugly face but it would quickly be gone. I knew it would visit me on the run. About five miles out I backed off a bit and got mentally ready for the biggest marathon of my life so far. Took one last gel and rode into the finish chute. Came to the dismount line and handed my bike off.. shoes still clipped in. 5:29:29 bike split. 9:30 off my goal time. With those conditions and after dropping my sport legs I wasnt too dissapointed.

What would you do differently?:

NOT drop my sport legs. Other than that, it was definitly one of my strongest rides ever.
Transition 2
  • 02m 13s

Dismounted really smoothly and handed my bike off to a volunteer. I looked up to see Scott and that was awesome. Few more words of encouragement from him and I was off to grab my bag. I grabbed it from another volunteer and headed towards the tent at a nice jog passing about 4-6 people. Grabbed my ole' chair near the door and was quickly greated by 2 volunteers. A father and his young son. The emptied my stuff as I grabbed my socks and the put my newts on. I stuffed my gels down my tri suit then tossed my cap on. I then thanked the two for their help as it was much appreciated. They were both VERY friendly. I headed out the door and found a "sunscreener" to get lubed up. Took a few seconds there and crosssed the timing mat to begin my 3rd marathon....
What would you do differently?:

Absolutly nothing. Went reallllly smooth. 2:13 was fantastic considering the conditions and the length of the race, especially after seeing other T2s of 10:00+ easy.
  • 3h 51m 25s
  • 26.2 miles
  • 08m 50s  min/mile

I crossed the timing mat and first things first wanted to catch up on sume much missed SportLegs! I poured four into my hand then next thing I knew I stumbled on the sidewalk and jostled my hand just enough that ALL THE SPORTLEGS FELL OUT OF THE NUUN CONTAINER AGAIN. I HAD NO SPORTLEGS FOR THE MARATHON! AFTER NOT HAVING ANY FOR 112 MILES I NOW HAD TO A MARATHON W/ NONE. After already going through this once so far this day I was prepared for anything. When this happen I just tossed the empty container into the next trash can and began my marathon. What else could I do? Pout? NEVER. I saw Scott while running out, and he quickly said something about the next guy being TWENTY minutes ahead?? Did I hear right? Damn.. thats a long way. Well.. I was here on a mission, and I wasnt stopping till i couldnt walk. I popped the four i had into my mouth and swallosed some H20. Pulled my sunglasses down and just focused on the journey ahead. I passed through the village area and underneath the bridge. When I got through the first aid station guess who I saw?? CHIPPY and JESS!!! Oh man, they was nice :) They both asked me how I was and tossed a few words of encouragement my way :) I passed them and just thought about staying steady and still trying to get that 3:30 mary. I was running about the pace of the few guys around me. Wasnt really getting passed, nor passing too many. Hit my Split at the first mile and it read 7:19.. Impossible I thought. Focused on slowing down a bit. Came to the first aid station and there were volunteers GALORE :) Grabbed some gatorade and H20, plus some sponges and water. Tried to really stay cool. Headed out of the aid station and continued across the bridge. I really started to notice the heat here. NO Shade.. and the temps were easily in the mid 90s by this point. Crossed over the bridge and took a right down a nice long stretch. Some kiddo went flying past me and I couldnt read his leg. Later caught up w/ him and asked.. he was 28 :) Made it through that straight and to mile 3. My miles were fading pretty quick. I was in dire need of an aid station. It was so hot, I was drying up DAMN quick and felt like I needed fluids. Not a good sign only 3miles into an IM mary. Got to the aid station and walked through to be sure I got enough of everything. I finally tried throwing ice down my tri suit. It was tight enough that this worked REALLLLLY well and kept me NICE and cool. Once at the end of the station I began running again and went underneath another bridge. We then took a left up a nice little incline back to the top of the bridge. Once there we took a right to cross and headed towards the crowds. Every leg I passed or got passed by I was looking at. None of them were near my age. My gels at this point were starting to get old. I was getting a bit queesy (sp?) from them but kept taking them. They werent slowing me down anyways. Once across the bridge we turned right down a chute past transition then back under the bridge. LOTS of spectators here. I quickly saw John, Scott, and Lauren and that was awesome. Scott just kept informing me to run my race, and that the other guy was still about 20min ahead. John was over there banging his head off as usual :) Walked through another aid station, but quickly began running once through it. Here the course undulated just a bit and was hard packed dirt/gravelish?. The heat was reallly beating down. I could tell i was getting a solid sunburn. I made it through this section still feeling pretty good but noticing the miles level out around 8:45ish. Definitly not my desired sub 8:00s but the conditions were far different all day than originally planned. Walked through the next aid station and took a left over the next bridge. Pros went running the other way. What inspiration watching the guys bust out sub 7/min miles in this heat. My jaw dropped, but I continued on at my pace. Crossed the bridge and took a left down a steeep little decline and I could feel my soles slipping around in my shoes from all the water and ice i had been throwing on myself. Headed out on a nice little straight w/ once again no shade. Still feeling ok. Crossed through a parking lot then under another bridge and I came to a nice little shaded area. Wow. that was nice :) Wiggled our way through a little park and I walked through the aid station. Grabbed two cups of everything except coke and headed out. Took a left and DAMN. what was I faced w/? A nice uphill. I hadnt driven or ridden the course so this was a suprise. I just put my head down and headed up it. What else could i do? made it to the top and just focused on getting through w/ this lap. Passed the ASI photographer and rounded a corner to find a nice downhill! sweet. Headed down w/ my shoes soaking wet from the h20 and found another aid station under another bridge. This was my favorite station. Nice and shaded! Stocked up, took a gel and headed out. Nice little stretch here. Got through it and continued to walk the aid stations back to the bridge. Came to the bridge and there was a nice climb up the side so that we could cross back over. Once over the bridge we had to take a right back onto the hard packed dirt/gravelish trail. Inbetween the two trails there was about a 10-20ft section of gravel / Big rocks that was wayyyy dangerous. Carefully made it over and continued back towards the end of my first loop. I was still feeling ok here, but could feel a small cramp coming on my right calf. Made it back to transition to once again find John, Scott and Lauren! Scott asked me if Id been passed by anyone in my AG and I let him know that I hadnt. He continued to tell me to run my race and Id be OK. I wasnt sure what that meant but I did. (run my race that is) John and Lauren both asked me how I was feeling, and I wasnt sure how to answer :- / I passed under the bridge again then under the next all the while keeping an eye out for CHIPPY and JESS. Walked through the aid station and THERE THEY WERE!! This time WITH STEVE AND MARCY! SWEEEEET :) (but sad to see they didnt get to finish the race) I talked it up w/ Chip and jes while running and chip let me know that Aaron had had some issues w/ calories :( They once again gave me some phenominal encouragement and on my way I went. I passed mile 9 and the miles were still only about :20 - :30 seconds over 8:00/m. Not too bad. I was starting to realize my sub 3:30 mary was out of the question. Came through the aid station there again and was dreading that section btwn mile 1.5 and 3.5. Hit that long straight again and made it through that section w/o dying :) Walked through the aid station and THOUGHT I SAW the guy i was chasing go into the porto-john. (Turns out it wasnt) but this TOTALLY got me going. I got my fluids and tried to get as far away from him as possible. I once again made the little climb back onto the bridge and headed across. The fans here were just awesome. I came around transition and headed under the bridge all the while keeping an eye out for John, Lauren or Scott. I saw all three :) Scott let me know that if I just kept up my pace id be ok. Well.. at this point that was much easier said than done. I walked through the aid station there and just kept moving. My right leg was on the verge of some serious cramping and I knew it. I continued to hit up all the aid stations as much as possible. Two cups of water. One down my throat the other filled w/ ice and thrown down the top of my jersey into my pants. Ice in my mouth. Gatorade. Made it back to that little park section and had to pee. Pefect I thought. Id run the idea of trying to pee myself while in my tri suit and literally found it impossible after trying once on the run. I dashed into a porto john real quick and was able to work everything out :) Probably took about a min. Came out of the john and grabbed everything at that aid station and started the climb up that one damn hill again. I was steadily passing people. Obviously on their first laps. When I got to the top it happened. My right leg tightened and I grabbed it. I HAD TO STOP. Forward motion was halted.

Right next to me was a guard rail. I put my hands on it and did some easy stretching. I worked it out in < a min and started running again, but this time very cautiously. Down the hill and I could still feel it. Ready to cramp to the point of not walking at any moment. This fear was killing my average, but I wasnt going to push it when I was only at mile 13-15 somewhere. Here is where the realization that I wasnt going to do sub 10 hit.. and that id probably be lucky to do sub 11:00. BUT.. THIS DIDNT STOP ME FROM giving it everything I had. I NEVER walked further than an aid station. Even if it was a pathetic run I was running. I cant remember if it was Aaron I saw at this point or not. Pretty sure it was, he said something to me... No idea.. I was so focused i dont even remember if I replied. Up and over the bridge and down the riverside back to transition to start my 3rd loop. On my way down the river side ALL I COULD think was FIND SCOTT. He'll be able to help. Mentally I think I needed to see him. My race was slowly slipping away and I needed some advice. I was letting Ironman get the best of me. I came up to the bridge and saw John and Lauren, but NO scott. I didnt even say Hi to either one, all I could say was "wheres Scott?" ... Lauren said he is done a ways. So I pushed on. Still no Scott. I passed the turn in for the finish and started my third loop. Went under the second bridge and thought well at least ill see chippy and jess. Neither one were there. BUT STEVE AND MARCY were there!! Little do they know how much that helped at that exact moment. Thank you guys for the kind words. Well off to do my third loop.. and I hadnt seen Scott. The third loop ended up playing out just like I had pictured it in my mind. With the constant thought of just finish this loop and you're DONE. The cramp ocassionaly would tighten up and Id have to spend a few seconds stretching it out, but by this point it was easily 96 degrees and i was taking everything offered at aid stations. Coke, GA, water, ice. Crossed over the far bridge again and noticed my shoe was untied. I saw a volunteer directing us and went up to her and asked her to tie my shoe for me because I knew good and well if I bent over I might be over. ha! She was super nice and helped me out. Down the long straight again. Constantly passing people but not really moving all that fast myself. Most everyone was walk/jogging. Everytime I passed someone in my age group I asked them.."what lap are you on?" ... they'd say "First"... Id say "thanks". and continue on. The cramping was still bad. But somehow my pace never went over 10min miles except for the one where I literally grabbed a hand rail and stretched. Up and over the bridge again and now all I had left was about 5 miles. Came by transition looking once again for John, Lauren, or Scott. I honestly dont remember seeing any of them at this point. Possible I saw John and Lauren. I pushed through the small roller section all the while walking the entire aid station, but running inbetween a bit faster. I made it almost to the bridge when someone said my name. I look over to meet JCBolton for the first time. Let me tell you this. Getting to talk to someone that you at least feel like you know at mile 21-22 of an Ironman marathon is the best medicine ever. We introduced ourselves and discussed our races for just a second.. Walked through the aid station together and I was off. Crossed the bridge again, and this is where, oddly enough my doubts started to take over. I was passing female pros walking and even one male pro. By this point my shoes were SOAKING wet. from all the ice and water I was throwing on myself. Finally I made my way back through that little park and up that damn hill for the last time. I ran all the way up constantly passing people. Back down the hill and through the WONDERFUL aid station under the bridge. Passed another female pro and headed back towards the bridge. Passed a few more guys in my AG on their 1st and 2nd laps and really started to focus on picking up the pace. I tried and couldnt. Cramping. UGH. at around mile 23 I hit up that aid station hard core. Multiple cups of gatorade and coke. After making it through that one I looked down at my watch and saw that it was possible to break 10:30 but I was going to have to negative split! HA! No problem I thought, thats how I run ALL the time and thats how I trained for this race. Well, I crossed the bridge and started pushing the pace. I wasnt cramping. Came down towars the river and got on the straightaway right next to the river. I BLAZED through the mile 24-25 aid station, only grabbing some gatorade and kept pushing. I Was looking at my watch the WHOLE freaking time. I knew I could break 10:30, i just had to push push push. I was flying and on the biggest adrenaline rush of my life. I was running scared... yet running confident. I had no idea how close the guy behind could be. I could see the bridge coming up and people were shouting my name left and right. They could tell I was on my 3rd loop. I was stilll flying. Fastest Id run all day. Past mile 25 and then went under the bridge. Proper running form lost a LONG time ago but I was easily running a sub 8/min mile. If not sub 7:30... but then again no promises because at the end of an ironman marathon anything seems possible. I took the left turn towards the finish chute instead of the run course. I ran through a parking lot and was still glancing at my watch ever few seconds. STill not totally sure I could break 10:30. I came up the street and all I had left was a left turn into the finish chute. I turned left and it was just like Lake Placid. Tunnel vision and I couldnt hear a thing. All I could see was the time on the clock and then.... Scotts hand hanging over the guard rail. I gave him a huge high five and crossed the line in 10:29:46. I had just finished the hardest thing I had ever done. Hands down.
What would you do differently?:

Not drop my Sport legs again, and f-ing chill on that first mile. 7:19 was dumb.
Post race
Warm down:

I crossed the line and collapsed. The idea of collapsing at that line was one of the motivations to get to it. Not to mention still having a chance at Kona. Two volunteers picked me up and put my arms over theres. They asked me questions but I dont remember them. I was given my finisher medal and tshirt and was escorted to Medical where I was hoping for I.V. fluids but they were too full to accomodate me :( So I got a nice little massage outside on the Medical carpet. Plus some gross chicken broth and wonderful gatorade. All the while talking to my best friends on the other side of the fence.

What limited your ability to perform faster:

Im going to say one thing. Not having my sport-legs that I had been training with for over 2yrs.

Event comments:

I have to thank two people above all for making this week happen. Scott King and my brother John. Without those two i'm not sure where i'd be.

I also want to thank all the BT support out there. From Bolton on the run course, to Chip, Jess, Marcy, Steve, Aaron on the run, and numerous others.

That race was the hardest thing ive done to date. A LOT OF people were broken down by that race. I.. for one was NOT. I held strong and NEVER lost faith that I had it in me. That is why I'm going to Kona in October. Im excited to see what I can do there...

Thanks again to everyone that made this race possible.

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01:02:43 | 4224 yards | 01m 29s / 100yards
Age Group: 7/79
Overall: 239/1700
Performance: Average
Suit: QR Full Suit
Course: One Loop in Tempe Town Lake. Basically a damned up river that was very dirty and pretty cool. (temp wise)
Start type: Deep Water Plus: Shot
Water temp: 64F / 18C Current: Low
200M Perf. Average Remainder: Average
Breathing: Good Drafting: Good
Waves: Good Navigation: Good
Rounding: Good
Time: 03:57
Performance: Good
Cap removal: Good Helmet on/
Suit off:
Wetsuit stuck? No Run with bike: Yes
Jump on bike: Yes
Getting up to speed: Bad
05:29:29 | 112 miles | 20.40 mile/hr
Age Group: 4/79
Overall: 151/1700
Performance: Good
36 mi. (2:45:54) 21.77 mph <- Lap 1 37 mi. (4:38:40) 19.69 mph <- Lap 2 39 mi. (6:36:08) 19.92 mph <- Lap 3
Wind: Headwind with gusts
Course: 3 Loop out and back. Uphill on the way out, downhill back. First few miles are in town then the last 10 are out and back on the BeeLine highway. Pretty smooth roads, with some small gradual climbs.
Road: Smooth Dry Cadence: N/A
Turns: Good Cornering: Good
Gear changes: Good Hills: Average
Race pace: Comfortable Drinks: Just right
Time: 02:13
Overall: Good
Riding w/ feet on shoes Good
Jumping off bike Good
Running with bike Good
Racking bike Good
Shoe and helmet removal Good
03:51:25 | 26.2 miles | 08m 50s  min/mile
Age Group: 5/79
Overall: 120/1700
Performance: Good
I did actually try to keep splits. I have no idea how accurate they are and a lot of them are long or short, but im going to put them in here just for future reference. (7:19-7:48-8:12-8:03-8:29-8:47-17:10-8:44-8:22-8:56-12:16-5:36-8:45-10:21-9:25-9:27-9:37-9:28-9:24-18:48-9:38-8:54-9:08-8:35) Obviously a few miles are two combined...
Course: Three loop course basically divided into two sections. The first section being about 4 miles, the second being about 5. Some small climbs, but overall pretty flat. Very spectator friendly.
Keeping cool Good Drinking Just right
Post race
Weight change: %N/A
Overall: Good
Mental exertion [1-5] 5
Physical exertion [1-5] 5
Good race? Yes
Course challenge Just right
Organized? Yes
Events on-time? Yes
Lots of volunteers? Yes
Plenty of drinks? Yes
Post race activities: Good
Race evaluation [1-5] 4