California Half Ironman - Triathlon1/2 Ironman

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Oceanside, California
United States
Ironman North America
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Event comments:

03/18/2006 California Half Ironman Race Report

For those that live under a rock, this past weekend was the annual California Half Ironman. Leading up to the event, the biggest thing on most folk’s minds was the weather. We had rain all week with moments of sunshine and there was a huge storm the night before just to remind us that we were in for some fun.

:: 2005 Results ::
Swim: 32:09
Swim Pace: 1:37/100
Bike: 3:09:53
Bike Pace: 17.7/mile
Run: 2:25:36
Run Pace: 11:07/mile
Overall: 6:17:50

:: 2006 Results ::
Swim: 42:00
Swim Pace: 2:12/100
Bike: 3:16:54
Bike Pace: 17.06/mile
Run: 2:26:16
Run Pace: 11:09/mile
Overall: 6:35:17

:: The Good ::
I found a great taco joint in Oceanside called “Diego’s”, so if you ever get a chance to eat there, they don’t skimp on the portions. They could use some salsa making lessons, but otherwise a good taco joint.

There is a cool store out in Carlsbad called AquaSphere. The chick there told me I should really think about getting a swimming hood for the race. She said they were flying off the shelves. Hmmm, $12, fine. Cool store, has everything you need (except for flanged ear plugs because Speedo discontinued them). In the end, that hood was awesome and she was awesome for suggesting it. Putting my face in the water took a bit of getting used to, it was quite cold.

Gas lamp district in San Diego, more yummy food (saved this meal for after the race). Quality time with wifey. Nice bottle of an Aussie Shiraz. Made the race pains go away real quick (of course, so did wifey)!

I got a great night’s sleep before the race. This is unusual for me as I normally can’t sleep in anticipation of the race. Yay!

:: The Bad ::
Ladies, I love you. You look great in spandex. But is it necessary to wear pink? I don’t mind you blowing by me. I don’t mind you blowing by me and having a “53” on your calf, but pink? Why not just rub salt in the wound?

Senior citizens, yes I respect you. You’re out there doing what most guys your age can’t. The fact is, you’re out there doing what guys (take me for instance) with a “33” on their calves can’t do. I don’t mind you blowing by me with a “68” on your calf, but do you have to make it look so damn easy?

:: The Ugly ::
Alright, I know I’m a pretty slow dude. I have aspirations of greatness and I’m pretty vocal about it when I’m not riding. But when I’m riding I’m really a quiet guy. In fact, I’m usually in my own world. It gives me pause to consider things like that whole 2-3 bike length gap rule between riders. And now after this race, I have a completely different perspective on that rule. I’m now of the opinion that the 2-3 should be changed to 4-6.

In front of me was this hot chick.
In back of me, nobody.
In front of her, nobody.
She looks to the left.
I look to the left.
She looks to the right.
I look to the right.
She stands up.
I scratch my head.
She empties bladder.
I shriek in terror.

2-3 bike lengths my ass…

:: The Race ::
My swim was horrible. I hadn’t been in the pool for over a month. Going from 1:37 to 2:12 made me want to cry. I’m a very good swimmer, in fact that’s my strongest discipline. I’m not surprised by the results, just sad.

My ride was pretty good, except for the part I described above. I ate and drank much better this year. I hadn’t completed a long ride in about a month, so I can’t be all that disappointed with the results. I came off the bike feeling great. The year before I think I had blown my legs out, so this felt much better.

My run was probably the most surprising. I don’t know how to explain it. I ran the entire way, but my time indicates that I shuffled… Last year I ran walked because of a plantar fascia tear, but this year I had no reason to walk and walked only on a couple of the aid stations. So imagine my surprise when I found out I actually ran slower. They did change the run course to have a 300 yard beach run (x4), but I ran all of that as well.

I ended the race in much different fashion than last year. Last year I was spent – completely. It was my first half and I was reaching when I did that race. This year I was ready to finish a marathon, so I’m a bit disappointed that I didn’t push it as hard as I probably could have.

I have to say that I didn’t respect the race as I should have. The month leading up to the race I skipped more workouts than I completed and in the last few months I didn’t really taken care of my diet. I expected the great improvement that I got from the Los Angeles triathlon to carryover to this distance, but I didn’t put in the work to make it happen. I certainly didn’t realize my potential and for that I am sad. This race was a wake-up call to get my ass in gear or I’ll end up DNF at Ironman CDA this summer.

I had fun. I feel great. I got to see Michellie Jones finishing her race (I was just starting my run when she was coming in). That was pretty cool. I learned some valuable lessons. Next year will be my redemption. In fact CDA will be my redemption if it’s not too late.

Thank you to the Volunteers. Thank you to the USMC ?- I love these guys. Thank you to the spectators. Thank you to the chick that pee’d on me (no, not really). This is still the best race venue that I’ve participated in. Thank you Ironman.

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