Tundra Time Trial - CycleTime Trial

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Powder Springs, Georgia
United States
Surge Sports
Total Time = 26m 11s
Overall Rank = /
Age Group = Cat V
Age Group Rank = 56/88
  • 26m 11s
  • 9.5 miles
  • 21.77 mile/hr

Rode down with American Bad Ass and JMalec. The first non-funny moment came when we went through Starbucks and almost crashed Malec's bike which was on the roof.

FallsRunner was first off so I watched him. Spoke to Brett and Lou and hung out for a while. My start time was 10:53:30 so at 9:50 I headed up and rode the got ready (tire pumping, race number on (old guy next to us showed us a trick with spray adhisive which I will use for running races from now on), chamois cream, etc.). Rode the trainer until 10:30 and then headed down to race start. Rode out on SCT the opposite way for 10 mins total and then headed to start.

Starting off the block was way fun. Having watch a few dumba$$es almost crash, I started in the small chain ring. I started my Garmin with 10 seconds to go. As soon as the starter said go, I was off like a bullet. My only plan was to hammer for 9.5 miles (how is that for strategy).

My bike setup was both tri spokes. I wanted to go with my disc in the back but I didn't get a chance to change it out. I don't think it would have changed my time.

Within a few minutes I was passed like a rocket by a guy on a Felt. This seams weird but it was cool to be passed by someone else going that fast when I myself was not going slow.

At the turnaround, I shifted into my small chain ring again and unclipped my inside foot. Turnaround was easy but I missed my peddle. Then as I got up to speed I forgot I was in my small chain ring and soon I was maxed out. I thought I was in my big chain ring and was pretty proud for 1/2 second. Then I realized I had a lot more gear left and shifted to my big chain ring. Dumba$$.

A roadie that was 2 behind me passed me then I passed him. Then he passed me. Within the last mile, I almost cought a guy and finished with my front wheel within a few feet of his back wheel. I heard my number (355) get called out as I crossed the line. I continued on the trail for a longer cooldown and returned to check on the finish times.

We waited, and waited and waited for results to be posted. Eventually (about 1.5 hours later) hunger prevailed and we left. What a mistake. Turns out, they didn't capture a finish time for me and I was dead last in Cat 5.

I emailed the race director. He has taken my time off the list until it is resolved. The head official is figuring it out right now. According to finish order of the roadie who passed me and the guy I almost caught, my finish time (coorborated with my bike computer) should be around 26:02. That's the time I'm going with.

I'm happy that I averaged over 20MPH (that was my only real goal). I'm not happy I paid money and they don't have real results for me.
Post race
Event comments:

I would do this race again. It is unique.

However, Surge Sports could do a few things differently.
#1 - use timing chips. Are you kidding me, no finish time?
#2 - food and gatorade at the finish. Nothing - no day old bagels, no bannanas, no water, no nothing. Next time, I will know to bring my own food.
#3 - close the course - they had some walkers and bikers on the course. Why not just have a few cops out there and officially close the course.
#4 - more course marshalls. I doesn't bother me to hear about folks drafting but it does bother some.

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