Tejas Triathlon

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  • Date: June 01, 2014
  • Address: Pecan Park, Sugar Land, Texas Get directions
  • Country: United States
  • Race type: Triathlon (Sprint)
  • Distances: Swim (600.00 yards) Bike (12.00 miles) Run (3.00 miles)
  • Organization: Outloud! Productions
  • Website: http://www.out-loud.org/index.php/triathlons/tejas-triathlon?layout=blog
  • Contact email:
  • Description: The race will be at Pecan Park in the New Territory sub-division of Sugar Land, Texas, near the intersection of Hwy 99 and Hwy 90. The man-made lake in New Territory is an ideal setting for novice triathletes as well as experienced veterans. The water temperature will be very warm-well above the 78 degree cut-off for wetsuits. The bike course is flat but windy and leads into a 3 mile shaded loop that ends underneath 100 year-old pecan trees.
  • Members who are scheduled to race: fininfo1000, fulks15, JDKadlick, LRICH27, penguinkimberly, Soonerdynasty74, tpnguyen10
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