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Race Reports for Savageman 70.0 2016

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  • Comments: "Overall course based on my ability:" option above needs an "OMFG, ARE YOU CRAZY?!?" setting. If you've never done Savageman - you owe it to yourself. While it is definitely the hardest race course you are likely to ever do, that bike course is also probably the most beautiful. Several times along the way, I just took some time to take it all in - utterly gorgeous country! I'm sure that I've left out a TON of things I wanted to say here, but I do want to remember to give a shout out to all of the folks wearing Bib #'s 35 and under (especially my rack mates 1-12) - it was great to see everyone along the way throughout the weekend and give each other a little nod, a high five, or just small cheers as we all finished the 120.0
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