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Race Reports for Michelle's Grande Ass Marathon

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  • Organised?Yes
  • Events on time?Yes

  • Lots of volunteers to help?Yes
  • Plenty of drink stations?Yes

  • Post race activities?
  • Overall course based on my ability: Just right

  • Comments: What a fun day! I really love being a part of Marathon Maniacs. There isn't this pressure to be fast, or make records. It's just a group of fun people who like to run long distances and are SO supportive of each other! As we'd pass people we'd high five each other. Lots of people know each other by their first names. We actually spent too much time at each Starbucks just talking to people! I think they are good role models for others because it's SUCH a positive group of people. This was my first race as a maniac and I didn't feel like "The New Kid" but like I really belonged. I look forward to doing MANY more maniac races.
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