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Race Reports for Joe's Run

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  • Organised?Yes
  • Events on time?No

  • Lots of volunteers to help?Yes
  • Plenty of drink stations?Yes

  • Post race activities? Good
  • Overall course based on my ability: Just right

  • Comments: If the weather had been better, this race would have had a totally different feel. The whole schtick is that it's a summer party, with margaritas and sliders at the end. The rain kept almost 100 registered runners away. Despite that, it was still a good race. The course is hard, and had a few more turns than I would have liked. Lots of police were out to manage intersections. My only real complaint is that the 10k and 5k courses merged at about the 4 mile mark. I can't stand when this happens, as it means I will inevitably be weaving in and out of the 5k folks. A few times, I had to get outside the coned-off running lane because of the congestion. After the race, I didn't show up in the results. I brought it to someone's attention, and it was addressed (good!). The awards presentation was a bit of a clown show. There were several other problems with the results, and it was not very organized. The awards themselves are fun (parrot trophy). Margaritas and sliders were on hand at
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