Racing a Sprint Distance Triathlon

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Nutrition and pacing strategies for the beginner and intermediate sprint racers


  • Breakfast 3 hours prior to wave send off
  • 1 gel prior to swim 15 minutes before
  • 1 bottle on bike - w/at least 300 calories – take water at aid station as you need it
    1 gel with 3 miles to go on bike
  • Water or Gatorade at every aid station - take something!

Heart Rate Monitor
Wear it so you can see the numbers later - good information for you, and information can be compared to races later in the season. Look for HR to be around LT or + during the entire race.


Race Strategy for a Beginner Racer:
Swim: Ease into swim, get into your flow and your own rhythm. [.....]

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date: March 9, 2007