Heart-Rate and Pace Zone Logging

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Using the heart-rate and pace zone tracker for your workouts.

Our heart-rate and pace zone tracker is pretty cool we have to admit.  Whether you are training by heart-rate zones, swimming pace zones or even RPE, our zone tracker lets you create personal zones in each sport by your own formulas or even through our calculators of some common methods.

Here is some background information on heart-rate zone training:

If you want to log your zone data with your swim, bike and run workouts, you must configure them first.

1. HR Zone Control Panel
Go to your 'Settings' --> 'Training Log Settings' --> 'HR Zone Manager'

2. The Zone Manager
It's very simple.  You can create, edit, view or delete your training zones.  BE CAREFUL!  If you 'delete' an older zone that has logged zone data, that entire zone will not be available for charts and graphs. 

3. The Zone Creator
Anytime you 'Create a new HR zone', you get taken away to our zone creator to either user our calculators or you can supply your own numbers and comments about that zone.

A note on LT:  BT's Silver and Gold training plans were created by D3 Multisport and the preferred method of getting HR zones for following those training plans is by the 'Lactate Threshold' method.  If you click on 'Choose a method', you will be able to read about all of the different ways to create heart-rate zones.  You will also be linked to a page detailing the bike and run testing to get your LT number (which will be different for each).  From that number, we calculate your training zones using D3 Multisport's zone percentages which are an adaptation of the Friel method. 

4. Logging Workouts
Ok, you have setup your zones, now it's time to log your workout zone information.  First, go to your logging screen:

Secondly, click on the 'Heart Rate and Power Zones' tab 

5. Viewing Charts and Graphs
Free members and subscribers can log HR zone data and also create, edit and view HR zone tables.

Only Subscribers have the graphing ability though.

Aggregate zone data: You can view current aggregate zone data by going back into your HR zone manager and clicking on the sport.

Individual Workout zone data: You can view current workout zone data via your 'Blog-View' by clicking on the 'play' button which opens up specifics of that workout including heart rate data.


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