Racing an Olympic Distance Triathlon

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Nutrition, hydration and pacing for the swim, bike and run of an olympic distance triathlon.

Race Nutrition

  • Breakfast 3 hours prior to wave send off
  • 1 gel prior to swim 15 minutes before
  • 2 bottles on bike - 1 w/at least 300 calories and one bottle of water
    1 gel with 3 miles to go on bike
  • Water or Gatorade at every run aid station - take something! - and 1 gel at about 3 miles, before the first aid station so you can wash it down.

Heart-Rate Monitor

Wear it so you can see the numbers later.  It will be good information for next year and this will be GREAT data to compare. Look for your heart-rate to be around LT or higher. [.....]

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date: May 21, 2007