1/2 Ironman Racing and Pace Zones

author : mikericci
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Warmup tips. Swim, bike and run pacing and heart-rate zones to be in by mileage.

When racing the shorter distance triathlons, you can pretty much give it your all and not blow up if you are properly warmed up and trained to do so. Even the most highly trained triathlete would have a tough time doing this at the longer distances.


I like to warm up for Half-Ironman racing with a short run – 1-2 miles and a quick spin on the bike (10 minutes) with a few quick sprints. After that I hit the water for a short 200-300 yard warm up with some accelerations.


When the gun goes off, I would recommend starting out slowly and finding your own ‘space’ in the water. If and when you do this, find a comfortable pace that you can maintain for the remainder of the race.

Start to kick your legs when you are in the final meters of the swim in order to get some blood to the lower extremities so that when you stand up you want be so light headed. [.....]

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date: April 12, 2007