Mooseman Triathlon - Get Ready to RACE!

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Keith Jordan of Endorfun Sports gives us his thoughts on the Mooseman Triathlon and the industry itself.

As many of you know, the Mooseman Triathlon Festival begins this weekend in New Hampshire.  The Olympic athletes will race Saturday June 2nd and the 1/2 Ironman athletes race on Sunday June 3rd.

In this podcast, Keith Jordan gives us his philosophy on what a good race is and briefly goes over the course. is one of the sponsors for this race.  We will have a tent in the expo area and also host the 'Inspiration Station' where you can create signs to cheer on your favorite athlete.  You can also see us out on the course Saturday where we will be running the Aid-Station for the Olympic triathletes.  Many thanks to the members of our community for giving us their time to help make this race awesome.  If you have some time Saturday morning and would like to help at the aid station, see this thread...we would really appreciate it.

Race Video
We will also be getting full video of the entire race for rebroadcast in-full everyday for two weeks after the race.  Stop back at BT or the Mooseman site for a schedule and video links the week after the race.

View racers and race reports
To see a list of all BT'ers signed up for this race, current discussions and to also view dozens of past race reports, see:

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