Coach Talk: 'gsmacleod' Shane MacLeod

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This month we talk with gsmacleod, aka Coach Shane MacLeod on his coaching philosophy, his approach to gadgets, training plans, missed workouts and strength training.

In this episode, gsmacleod (Shane MacLeod) talks about:

  • Coaching philosophy - Does one approach fit all? 
  • Training plans - When is a template plan good versus when is it time to get a coach?
  • Gadgets - Are gadgets such as HR meters, powermeters, etc all that useful? 
  • Getting a coach - When should an athlete search out a personal coach?
  • Missed workouts - How is it approached?
  • Strength training - How does this help or hinder the athlete?
  • The biggest beginner mistake

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date: April 15, 2010