Using Heart-Rate Zones for a Structured Run Training Program

author : Amanda McCracken
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This article will show you how to construct a run training program for your second season of running using your calculated heart-rate zones.

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I did my first Tri this year and really enjoyed it. I love the training and am planning on doing several next year including an Olympic distance. I need help with my running program. I have a HR monitor but have no idea how to use it as a training tool (If my heart is pounding hard I figure I'm working hard).

Anyway, I'd like to become a stronger runner for next year. My typical running work out is run for about 30 minutes. I walk when I need to and then continue running. Can someone advise me on how to use the HR monitor? What should my workouts look like? How do I use this tool to become stronger?



Thanks for the question. Although I do own and use a heart rate monitor, I would caution you against using it as the only means to guide your training. [.....]

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date: September 24, 2007

Amanda McCracken