VIDEO: Off-Season Muscle Building Part II - Conditioning Phase

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This part of the program is the conditioning phase using several bodyweight exercises including pushups, pullups, dips, squats and situps.

By Ron 

This part of the muscle building program is the 'conditioning' phase.  We are, for the most part, using strictly body-weight exercises with little equipment.  You can use floors, chairs and brooms.

This is also, in my opinion, a good 'in-season' training program for triathletes just looking to maintain some strength without really having to go to the gym.  It shouldn't sacrifice your endurance training at all as most of this will be high repetitions with only your own bodyweight.

The conditioning phase will serve to get your muscles and joints used to working with weight BEFORE you go to the gym for the core part of the program.  Face it, many of use that go the gym the first time do too many exercises with too much equipment.  We end up injuring or hurting ourselves the first day.  This conditioning phase will only focus on bodyweight exercises focused on our main muscle groups.

Conditioning phase duration:
1-2 months

2x per week

Exercises per session:

  1. Pushups - Chest
  2. Pullups - Back
  3. Dips - Triceps
  4. Squats - Legs
  5. Situps - Abdominals
  6. *Optional - Arnold Press/need dumbbells - Shoulders

Sets per exercise:
3 sets per exercise, you can increase to 5 sets if you will be continuing this program for general strength instead of the mass building part III.

*For in-season triathletes, you can keep using this part of the program for general strength but limit it to 3 sets and don't try to go to fatigue each set.

Rest between sets
45-60 seconds

Repetitions per exercise:
This will be variable depending on your strength, you may only get 1-2 reps per set, you may get 10-15.  Just try to get as much as you can each time for this conditioning phase.

Try not to go to fatigue on the last rep of each set in this first month.  We want to acclimate your muscles, not shock them.  We will save the shocking for part III.

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